Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Wednesday off?

It has been a strange day for me.

I went to school this morning, but just for about an hour. We interviewed the person who will become fifth grade immersion for next year at 7:10. At 8:00, my students skyped with China for about half an hour.

I left after that.

I walked around target for a while, and bought this dress, which my sister apparently already bought in pink. I think I can make the black work for more seasons than the pink, so I'm planning to keep it anyway. We'll just add it to the list of clothes that we have to ask about if we are planning to wear them to a function we might both attend. Like, say, church every week.

After target, I went to the doctor. Apparently I hurt myself running the 10k on Saturday. Boo. So I toughed it out for enough days to decide that it wasn't really getting better on its own. Then I begged for a next day appointment and booked a sub.

(I know, I know. If I am having trouble with my foot, why did I walk around in Target? To make sure that my foot was good and sore so that I could really describe well what is going on to the doctor. It's hard to know what hurts first thing in the morning, when the problem is occurring after walking around for a few minutes....Or all day in the classroom.)

I think my sub was happy that it was only a half day with my group of kids. I know I was happy I only had to take a half day off of work, since it was collaborative planning.

I have a funny little booty to wear for the next couple of weeks, since apparently I either have tendonitis or a stress fracture. Neither would be a big deal if I had an office job and could sit down all day. The doctor specifically asked if I had to stand up to do things like bus duty, and could I get out of it? Um, maybe out of parts of it, but teaching really does require me to be in a lot of places all at once, and I can count zero of those places that are sitting in a chair with my foot up. I have counted and it will be exactly seven school days with the booty on. One of them is our field trip. That will be lots of fun....Hopefully by then my foot will already be feeling much, much better, and I will have moved past the booty, and canceled the follow-up appointment.....

Let me wishful think. It is good for me. I promise.

Ok, maybe it's not good for me. But I talked it through with the kind doctor, and he helped me make the smart decision. Which is to wear the booty, even though it will be awkward for the next two weeks. I'm going for smart, rather than fashionable.

So I went to Lenten Lunch at my church, ate some sandwiches and soup, saw my mama and my sister (where I found out about the dress) and then came home to watch romantic comedies. Except that the second one turned out to just be sad. I cried. By myself. With the cat. It was pitiful.

And tomorrow I'll be back to school, with hyped up kids, since I snuck out today, and a booty on my foot. We'll see if they even notice.

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