Monday, May 30, 2011


is memorial day.

I'm thankful for the blessings that living in the US brings me. I'm sorry that others had to lay down their lives for me to have this freedom.

We had school today, making up for a day we missed in January. Lots of my kids missed it again today. I had 6 students show up. My partner teacher had 9. We put the groups together and switched off. It's the last week of school -- finally! We did about an hour of ELA, an hour of math, related arts, lots of time in the computer lab, lunch, recess, and watched Horton Hears a Who -- I love Dr. Seuss. Our kids studied him earlier this year and read a lot of his books since our school literacy night was Dr. Seuss themed.

I'm not sure that it was an effective recovery of a day missed in January. You know, since state testing has already come and gone, and we've been finished with 3rd grade standards for a couple weeks now. I've been teaching 4th grade skills for a few weeks. My kids complain "eso es dificíl". Then the smart ones say things like, "si, pero el proximo año va a ser más fácil." My favorite answer for them is "¿Quién te dijo que iba a ser fácil? Obvio que es dificíl." I don't think they appreciate my answer very much.

Sweet hubby and I are trying to plan a beginning of summer cookout for Saturday night. So far we only have 4 confirmed guests. I hope more people want to help me celebrate that this school year is finally over, when it is finally over on Saturday. I'm not counting the trip to Maine that I'm going on with a group from school leaving on Sunday morning. You know, to spend time looking at schools and thinking about what to do differently in my classroom next year. Because I promise I'll be thinking about it all summer. While I'm lying on the dock, reading chick-lit and forgetting my Spanish.

4 more days with students!

It's almost here!

Friday, May 27, 2011

five minute friday

On forgetting

I'm joining in for Five Minute Friday at the Gypsy Mama.

I'm so forgetful, it's ridiculous. I say I'm about to do something, and half a minute later I have already forgotten.

There are other things, though, that are too hard to forget -- things that have hurt, mistakes I've made, things that were altogether too joyful.

How can the everyday moments be so hard to hold on to? I don't really understand it -- but somehow the tiniest little things can slip in to the long term picture while the routines that make my days stable can disappear into the abyss without me so much as noticing that they have vanished.

Today, instead of forgetting, I'd like to remember that when I drove through Pleasant View, I smiled at its name. I'd like to remember that even by myself in the car, I "raaaarrrred" at the lions. I'd like to remember that the most important part was getting down here as fast as I could, but I still slowed down to a crawl for the 45 minute long hail/rain/thunder/lightening storm on my way out of town. I'd like to remember how my team teacher looked at me after school and knew it before the words left my mouth that I wasn't going to stay one minute longer, with the impending doom of black black clouds. I'd like to remember how my kids managed to keep themselves out of trouble during the last half hour of school, even though the rest of their day had been pretty rough. I'd like to remember the sweet feeling of relief that there are only 5 (one hand!) days left of school this year.

And that's five minutes, on turbospeed.

I'm at the beach again this weekend, soaking in the breeze, the smell of the marsh, sitting in a rocking chair on the screened porch and hoping that there are no thunderstorms tomorrow, but lots of sun. I'm breathing this weekend, getting ready for one more week of school. It's sure to be fast paced, stressful, full of antsy kids acting out, packing, and wishing that summer was already here. (I know it will be, soon!)

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Today is

field day.


It's supposed to be more than 90 degrees outside while we are "having fun."

I'm hoping that my kids can hold themselves together better than they have held themselves together for anything special all year long.

Pray for me.

Monday, May 23, 2011

i am...

counting down the days -- 9 of them. School days, that is.

sooooooooooooooooo excited to go to the beach by myself this weekend.

covered in bug spray and deck stain.

late for bedtime.

in disbelief that sweet hubby painted more than I did. He hates to paint.

full of chick-fil-a salad -- I actually ate the whole thing. And scraped the dish clean.

happy it was 100 degrees hot today. Yeah, I might be crazy....but the good kind of crazy.

wondering whether my kids' parents made a deal to have at least one of their poorly behaved devils absent every day until the end of school. One day, when I'm a parent, if my kid is on a behavior plan, I will purposefully save up his absences and give his teacher a break at the end of the year. And maybe right before winter break, too.

feeling a little overwhelmed with how little I've thought about the end of the year and packing up.

looking forward to tacos from the "taco traila" (read with a Spanish accent -- taco try-la) and sitting around a pool tomorrow afternoon.

still happy the wedding I directed had no visible hiccups on Saturday.

reveling in my changing identity and new-found friendships with sweet hubby's work-mates. I'm embracing my inner latina a little bit more each time we hang out with them, and especially as we hosted a pot luck last Thursday, with latin music and a 14 year old who requested salsa music so her papa would ask her to dance with him. She was right -- as soon as he heard the music, he pulled her onto the dance floor.

getting sleepy -- tomorrow will be another long, full, bustling, busy, take it as it comes day....and at the end of it, there will only be 8 more school days to go.

praying for wisdom...Since my partner teacher told me not to pray for patience anymore -- that praying for patience just gives God the go-ahead to test the patience out. I think she is right that I would much rather have wisdom, to handle the crazy shenanigans as they come.

going to bed. Night night!

Friday, May 20, 2011

five minute friday

When seasons change...

I like to see it in the color of the marsh grass. I like to feel it on my face in the warmth or coolness of the suns last rays. I want to smell it in the breeze, coming off the waterway.

When seasons change, I like to think of the best of what is coming up. The dead, brown grass that slowly gets replaced by small green shoots come March, more and more until the brown is gone and only the green can be seen as if creating its own sea on the edge of the water.

When seasons change, I like to see the sky change and the sunset reflect off the water the way it never does in the summer, pink and pinker and pinkest, outdoing itself in a blaze of glory.

When seasons change, I like to see how many morning glories have made their way back up onto the dock, deep purple, and only for the lucky early risers to enjoy.

When seasons change, I like to soak it up, because before I know the season is already changing again.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

countdown....12 days


And tomorrow only half counts, because I'll be in a meeting all day and my kids will have a sub.

12 more days of the toughest group of kids that I can imagine.

12 more days of time-out for the kid who stomps his feet and yells "God, I hate this school. This school is so stupid." every time he doesn't get his way.

12 more days of hoping against hope that another kid doesn't do anything else sexually inappropriate.

12 more days of trying to get my lowest student to add one digit numbers together, while the rest of his class works on division skills.

12 more days of getting my most hyperactive kid to please calm down long enough to hear the instructions.

12 more days of trying to pretend that some other grade level is not at recess outside our window.

12 more days of trying to get to bed on time.
12 more days of packing my lunch.
12 more days of end of the year crazy schedules.
12 more days of endless IEP meetings.
12 more days of still working while sweet hubby is technically on vacation.

12 more days.

Update on sweet hubby:
Él decidió buscar consejería en la universidad para ver porque siempre se desanima para estudiar, o por lo menos para buscar recursos y estrategias para ayudarle a seguir estudiando y pidiendo la ayuda academica que necesita.

No sé si va a tomar el curso que falló otra vez ahora en el verano, o si esperará hasta la primavera, pero estoy dispuesta a viajar a escocia sin él en julio si es necesario. Se está juntando con un amigo, también, que le está ofreciendo tutoría una vez a la semana durante este verano. Me gustaría si hubiese sido con más frecuencia, pero sé que es dificil encontrar ese tipo de ayuda en el verano.

Sweet hubby is working as many hours as his part-job will give him during my last few weeks of school.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

five minute friday

deep breath (story of my weekend).

I took a few of these as I stepped out of the car, into the humid air, smelled the welcome smell...

Bonaparte Kingdom.


With sweet hubby, daddy, mama, grandma, and my brother.

Three more weeks of school, deep breath. Two days of bliss, deep breath. Ocean breeze, deep breath.

Sitting in a room full of family members, no one talking, each absorbed in our own book. Deep breath.

Mama's cooking. Deep breath.

Wind blowing the hammock. Deep breath.

Cold water high tide swim. Deep breath.

Walk on the island with my dad. Deep breath.

Water skiing. Deep breath.

Hosing down the porch, doing laundry, packing up. Deep breath. Three more weeks of school. Deep breath.

A weekend full of deep breaths, to get me through this next week. One of three. Deep breath.

(I'm late, but linking up to the Gypsy Mama's five minute friday.)

Friday, May 13, 2011


Looks like something disappeared? Don't know where it went, don't know if I care to try to find it.

State testing is over.

The week of the crazy schedule, just because it's different, is over.

Today is Friday.

It is May.

I'm going to the beach.

And that is all that matters this afternoon.

That, and 15 days left. Wahoo!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

when the going gets rough

the rough gets going.

Cuando estamos enfrentando la tercera falla, siento que tenemos una falla entre los dos. Yo con esposito lindo estamos luchando para superar su tercera falla de cursos en la universidad. Para mi es dificil porque ya hemos vivido la misma experiencia dos veces antes, y cada vez, yo pensé que la lección de como estudiar, como pedir ayuda, como poner suficiente atención a los detalles y a los requisitos del curso había aprendido mi esposo.

Al parecer, no.

Ya le he hecho las sugerencias de estudiar todos los días, de tomar un tiempo adecuado para hacer su tare, de no dejar todo al último momento, de pedir ayuda a los profes o a un tutor cuando lo necesite.

Raras veces lo hace. Raras veces.

Pero las veces que sigue mis sugerencias, pasa sus clases con notas buenas.

En mi mente, ver los resultados debe ser suficiente para que siga con los hábitos nuevos.

Para él, ver los resultados confirma en algun espacio muy adentro de su cabeza que no necesita ayuda, que no necesita estudiar, y que las polizas de asistencia no son tan importantes.

Así que ¿la clase que falló? Es un pre-requisito para una serie de cuatro cursos. Los cuales se ofrecen en secuencia. Fallar este curso significa tomarlo otra vez en el verano o esperar hasta la primavera otra vez. Lo que hubiese sido 2 años más se está convirtiendo en 3 años más. 3 años más, o perder el viaje que planeamos en enero para este verano.

Nosotros hagamos planes, y Dios se ríe.

Con tiempo todo se arreglará. Lo sé, y confio en eso.

Monday, May 9, 2011

I am



a little nervous.

over state testing.

not celebrating confederate memorial day tomorrow, even though it means that sweet hubby has the day off.

wishing it wasn't going to rain tomorrow, so that we could finish pressure washing the deck and sweet hubby could get the grass mown.

wondering how my good friends are liking their new house, now that they've been there for two whole nights.

thinking about what to wear to school tomorrow, and thinking that I might have to sit on the floor a lot, and that sitting on the floor doesn't go well with skirts, and it might rain, and I have recess duty this week. And it is hot down here.

hoping sweet hubby will go to bed at the same time I do tonight, without electronic devices and will scratch my head until he falls asleep.

tired of sweet hubby failing classes and getting the run around from his college adviser, when I just want him to step up and get on with it already -- five years of undergrad are stretching into a probably eight, at this point....

curious about how sweet hubby is planning to make it right this time, since last year when he failed this class he took lessons over the summer and apparently that wasn't enough.

sad that roommate is still in Korea (and will be for a few more weeks).

counting down the days until school lets out for summer: 19.

listening to sweet hubby talk to my brother on the phone, after family dinner celebrating my dad's 61st birthday.

not sure what to get my mama for mother's day. And yes, I know it was yesterday.

completely unplanned for tomorrow, except for review, review, review for those pesky state tests....

ready for bed. Night night.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

This weekend

has been BUSY.

Here's the list:
4:00 Rush home after school Friday to get ready for the wedding
5:30 Go to church. Run around like a crazy woman.
7:00 Direct wedding.
8:00 Run errands with sweet hubby.
9:15 Host movie night with the girls.
11:30 Go to roommate's house. Help her pack up the last of her stuff.

1:00 Finish movie.
2:30 Bed.

5:00 Drive roommate to airport.
8:30 Home, back to bed.
12:00 Errands with sweet hubby.
3:00 Yogen Fruz. Yum.

4:00 Fix shades at grandma's apartment.
5:30 Pressure wash back deck.
7:00 Birthday dinner for a friend.

9:30 Karaoke party of another friend.
11:30 drive other friends home (too much fun!)
12:30 decide to skip dancing.
1:00 Bed.

9:00 Getting ready for church.
11:00 Worship God in community.
12:30 Family day at Grandma's.

2:00 Home
3:00 Pressure wash deck.
5:30 University church and supper
7:30 Leaders meeting
9:00 Bedtime.

Monday will be here too soon.