Thursday, June 14, 2012


This is where I'm spending some time with my family.

It's pretty nice.

It rained ALL DAY on Tuesday. And the boat is stuck way up high, out of reach of the broken fork lift, at the marina.

But my mama and sister and I are still having some adventures together, and sweet hubby has set up a big screen in the downstairs....

And all in all, being on vacation is nicer than being at work.

P.S. My real house has a house sitter -- we're hoping there won't be any break-ins this year!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

I am...

gearing up for a crazy summer.

happy that the training group I'm in for the next three days decided to skip the lunch break and be finished at 1, instead of 2:30.

skipping out on taking my grandma to the doctor (Thank you, sister, for being available by phone when I was not!).

thinking about re-packing for Chile, since I probably didn't do very well yesterday.

writing a list to pack for the beach.

trying to decide on a dress to wear to a good friend's wedding this Saturday.

more than ready to meet our house sitter for the summer -- the pastor of sweet hubby's best friend, who has been reported to be "much more responsible" than the best friend, who also happens to be the same best friend who was driving sweet hubby's car when it was stolen about two years ago. (Not to be confused with the break-in, which was slightly less than one year was an eventful 12 months.)

admiring the pretty flowers sweet hubby bought me for my birthday (which was in April, but his gift was to buy me flowers each month for a year).

sitting on the couch in the middle of the day -- woo hoo summer!

considering running before yoga tonight, but it probably won't happen.

amused by the silly kitty.

halfway finished with my 2012 resolution...July will be in Chile.

pretty sleepy....nothing wrong with an "I'm finally out of school for the summer" nap!