Friday, March 29, 2013

spring break!

It's finally here!

I survived the last four days of school with super crazy kids -- there was a full moon, too! Who planned that? (Definitely NOT me. I think the lunar cycle should be included in the school calendar -- maybe as a long weekend/week off every time there is a full moon. Let parents deal with their crazy, full moon kids -- not teachers. What a week of babysitting!)

And now for the over-achieving list of things I'd like to accomplish this spring break...Oh boy.
1. Shopping trip -- target and others -- for some storage bins, a (belated birthday) gift for my partner teacher, and some other essential items (toilet paper, I'm talking to you) that seem necessary to keep purchasing... And maybe some more maternity wear -- pants other than khaki, black, or jeans, please? I can only wear khaki pants to school so many days in a row before my kids think I only own one pair of pants.

2. Sewing time -- I've got the supplies, I've got the table (mostly) cleared off....Now I need to get the courage up to either trace or cut into the patterns I bought, and then the fabric. Once it's cut, the sewing part is more exciting. I'm afraid I'll cut out the wrong size and not be able to use the pattern again, or that it will turn out so horribly wrong that I will never wear something I spent money and time on making and visualize as being so useful and attractive.

3. Family gatherings -- yoga on Saturday morning, cookie decorating Saturday lunchtime, polka-dot cake making Saturday afternoon, and Sunday gender reveal at extended family Easter! Look for pictures of the aforementioned cake sometime next week!

4. Beach! -- and college friend reunion! with one of my dearest friends from college and her cute little family. This is (hopefully) going to be a GREAT replacement of the disaster that our plans last year to spend part of the week after Easter turned out to be....I was dealing with infertility at the same time she was dealing with too much work and pregnancy (and now I finally understand why she was too tired/overwhelmed to fit the beach in....) and the trip fell through, and our friendship was put way in the background somewhere...we talked about it (and emailed long letters) later in the summer, and both decided that it was time to move forward....and now that I'm so much less jealous of her beautiful little family, I think I will be able to enjoy them so much more! And of course, I've always loved the beach.

5. School work -- a minimal amount, of course, and only enough to keep things going when I get back to school after break. I turned off my computer a little too quickly yesterday afternoon, and forgot to update some scores and comments in our grading/scoring system used for report cards....and they are due on the Monday we get back from break. If I can figure out how to get access to the website from home, I'll take care of it; if not, it can wait until that Monday.

6. Class work -- for the class I'm participating in, on gifted and talented students. Please remind me why I signed up to turn my stuff in at the first class, rather than the last one? Good thing I'm a minimalist for this too -- otherwise it might be stressful. I'm aiming for a C....good enough to pass with credit.

7. Baby room organizing -- there is still a whole lot of stuff stored in the baby's room that needs to be moved out to make space for baby things! In addition to moving things out, it would be fun to spend some time measuring the room, picking out a paint color, figuring out some furniture configurations (we'll be trying to keep the room as both baby's room and guest room -- so some big furniture stays in the room, with the addition of baby's things), and the like.

8. Is it too early to register for baby things? It's almost April, and even though baby is not due until August, most of my showers (school, sweet hubby's work, church friends) will be in May or early June.

9. Bathing suit shopping -- for suits that cover my ever expanding tummy! I'm hoping to spend a LOT of time at the beach this summer, since there are no international trips planned for this summer, and it's so much nicer than the heat of the city I live in in July. And what is the fun of being at the beach is I don't have enough suits to wear a dry one each time?

Sunday, March 24, 2013

next up in the doctor saga....

Tomorrow, sweet hubby and I will go to a genetic counseling appointment.

Even though my doctor (the one I like) said that it wasn't really necessary, we decided that this would be a good opportunity for a couple of reasons....

First of all, we can see whether another practice is run more efficiently than the one the doctor I like works at.
Secondly, we can see whether I like a different doctor better than my current doctor.
And last of all, I'm scheduled for an ultrasound which *might* let us find out the sex of the baby not on April fool's day.

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a little bit nervous about the appointment, but overall, I'm pretty excited to have this opportunity to help me decide whether my current doctor is really the best doctor for me in this pregnancy.

And I would LOVE to know whether my peanut is a girl or a boy!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

as usual, i am....

snuggled up with the kitty cat, who is learning to sit on my legs or beside me, instead of on my belly.

thinking about ironing my dress before church

thinking about whether i should go through the box of spring/summer dresses that i put away in the fall to see if any of them fit me now

thinking about whether i'll actually finish pinning the skirt i started hemming yesterday

debating whether the laundry needs to be put away before sweet hubby gets home from brazil this afternoon (probably)

avoiding the pile of dirty dishes in the sink and putting anything else in the kitchen trash so that i don't have to take it out and can leave it for that man of mine who will be home so soon

finished with two whole seasons of "dance academy" after only about a week and a half....all within the time that sweet hubby was away (don't body is still worn out all the time from growing the baby. and i know i will only be more tired when the baby is actually here).

trying to decide whether to keep the genetic counseling appointment scheduled for march 25 or the ultrasound with my regular doctor on april sister has offered to make a polka dot cake with polka dots the color of the sex of the baby for our big family easter celebration if we find out before easter, and april 1 is the day after....but my doctor says i don't *really* need the genetic counseling....

thrilled with the weather this weekend, and especially with lounging in the hammock yesterday afternoon for a snooze

hopeful that we are actually past winter and into spring, and that spring will be a long, pleasant season, rather than a short lead in to an exceptionally hot and long summer

starting to wear more maternity clothes since my belly is poking out a lot more now

convincing myself that all of the "project supplies" i pulled out of the closet yesterday should probably go back in before sweet hubby gets home

probably not going to have time to do all the straightening up and cleaning and ironing if i don't get started NOW.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

doctor update

I had a check-up today, with my normal (and much preferred!) doctor.

The wait was long, but I think that is kind of par for the course for scheduling late afternoon appointments -- I know most doctor's offices (of any type) are running behind by the end of the day.

The same kind lab lady was there -- she was surprised to see me -- and expressed happiness that I hadn't changed practices yet.

And my doctor -- my normal, friendly, honest and reasonable doctor, saw me today, and I was able to feel relaxed and calm and properly attended to throughout the appointment....So I'll stay there for now. As long as I'm able to keep scheduling my appointments with her.

And the baby is growing just fine! Heartbeat was 153 today, and the nurse went straight to the right spot with her fancy heartbeat-hearing-wand -- less goop all over my stomach.

In general, a very satisfactory appointment.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

i am...

missing sweet hubby (for another whole week!) while he is in Brazil.

snuggled up with the kitty.

watching a "Dance Academy" marathon (thank you Netflix).

looking at the huge pile of clothes I should be sewing, mocking me from the dining room table

happy about warmer weather, finally!

hoping the time change doesn't throw me off too much.

avoiding folding the clothes in the dryer, and especially putting them away

going to miss my favorite yoga teacher when she moves back to Dallas this summer

not excited about meeting with the parents of two of my discipline problem students next week

glad I got to spend another Saturday running errands with my mama, and have lunch with my siblings, too

thrilled that the local ballet company will be doing a special performance at my school this week

amazed by the extreme quantity of cat hair all over my house

needing a little bit of "get it done" inspiration

showing off my 17 week belly at church this morning in a roomier dress

rearranging and cleaning out my things from the "guest room" so that it can become the baby's room

discovering that I may be a borderline hoarder....must control the urge to keep everything

enjoying having the house to myself for a few days, even though the quiet is a little lonely, and I wish the phone calls were more than 20 seconds of poor quality internet connection

counting down the days until sweet hubby is home!