Wednesday, March 13, 2013

doctor update

I had a check-up today, with my normal (and much preferred!) doctor.

The wait was long, but I think that is kind of par for the course for scheduling late afternoon appointments -- I know most doctor's offices (of any type) are running behind by the end of the day.

The same kind lab lady was there -- she was surprised to see me -- and expressed happiness that I hadn't changed practices yet.

And my doctor -- my normal, friendly, honest and reasonable doctor, saw me today, and I was able to feel relaxed and calm and properly attended to throughout the appointment....So I'll stay there for now. As long as I'm able to keep scheduling my appointments with her.

And the baby is growing just fine! Heartbeat was 153 today, and the nurse went straight to the right spot with her fancy heartbeat-hearing-wand -- less goop all over my stomach.

In general, a very satisfactory appointment.

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