Thursday, July 7, 2011

While i'm waiting

I thought i'd let you know that the alarm company called my cell phone tonight, around 9:30 pm. I missed the call. Sweet hubby missed the call to his cell phone, too, but my daddy didn't miss his call.

My daddy headed over to my house, freshly armed with the alarm code, and the key he normally has on hand. He called back frantic, because the alarm panel didn't have an "off" button like i'd said it would. I asked him if he was looking at the panel by the closet, or the old one. He said, "There's not a panel by the closet." I said, "between the bulletin board and the closet. Don't you see the new panel?"

"No. Oh, here it is, on the floor."

Ummmmmmm..... Not what I wanted to hear.

He made his way into the living room and asked if we had a tv on the dresser between the bookshelves. Ummmmmm, yes. Well, it's not there anymore.

Dad, where is Rayen? Go in the bathroom and find her treats, see if she will come get one.

No Rayen.

Sweet hubby and I, at the beach, 3 hours away, exchange panicked glances.

Daddy says he's going to call the police again and will get back to me in a little bit.

And he did. He called my sister, too, and she was able to find the cat. HUGE sighs of relief. I about cried. Ok, maybe we both about cried. That cat is like a child to us. Dad checked on sweet hubby's laptop, which should have been in plain sight in the living room. Probably not the best place to have left it, buti know sweet hubby left in a hurry for the beach this afternoon. It's gone. Sweet hubby activated the computer security system, which will take. Picture of whomever tries to use it and will send he location....

And still no police. But daddy could hear them all over the neighborhood, and chatted with a couple neighbors, too. They saw someone carrying a tv down the road and called the police. So even though I don't know those neighbors, they recognized that people don't usually walk down the street with a gigantic tv under their arm, and they took action. So few people do that these days. I'm pretty glad they called.

Eventually the police showed up at the house. They talked to my dad, called me on the phone, probably called sweet hubby on the phone. Sweet hubby left to take care of the house and the kitty. Never mind that he had just arrived here four hours before.

As far as I know, the police dusted for fingerprints, filed a report, and made an effort to chase the guy around the neighborhood. and now it is 1 am and i'm at the beach waiting for my friends to arrive, wondering whether sweethubby has stayed awake for the car ride, and still pretty shaken up that someone was in mynhouse and to our things.

Even though they are just things, and what matters is all ok. What matters: Rayen and sweet hubby, daddy and my sister (mama and brother too, but they weren't at the house tonight!).

With any luck, we'll get a new alarm panel installed tomorrow. And maybe have a computer and tv recovered. And hopefully sweet hubby can make it back down to the beach.....but I doubt he'll leave our sweet kitty home by herself this weekend.

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