Thursday, July 7, 2011

This weekend...

Two of my best friends from college are bringing their families to the beach! I am so excited to see them.

We used to dancetogether in college. We really didn't know each other until we were grouped together in an improv class....working on a contact project....and all of a sudden the three of us literally put our heads together. It was.....interesting. Improv was never my favorite thing. I love watching other people do it, but I hated to be watched while I did. That was freshman year. Our friendships grew and grew over the next four years. Christi and I were always stuck together at the barre (arranged by body types, thanks Ms. Joan and Ms. Janet!) and Nicole and Christi lived in the same building. I went on a date with the guy Nicole ended up dating for most of college. We went to Florida for spring break one time and went to concerts in Atlanta. We talked and laughed and ate and danced and laughed some more. Christi and Nicole became roommates and Nicole changed her major from dance. She convinced me to take a women of the bible class with her, which was an interesting shift of pace for me from dance and Spanish. We ran to each other whenever there was trouble, too. Trouble with boys, teachers, other friends. I remember one night when Nicole and I stayed up late playing candy land, just so I wouldn't have to go back to my room and a "friend" who was trying to find me.

During our senior year, Christi opened a dance studio in her hometown and drove home to teach every weekend. She knew exactly what she wanted to do with her life, and wasn't about to waste her time getting started. She's managed to grow her studio into a most successful small business, and the shows that she puts on as recitals draw huge crowds in her town.

Nicole went to seminary in New Orleans after graduation. I went to summer camp. I traveled a little in Europe and settled in Scotland for several months. I sent postcards to Nicole from all over the place. She kept them together and made them into a book for me. I came home, went to summer camp again, and moved to Chile. Christi kept growing her studio, Nicole was between seminary and missions. While I was in Chile, Christi got engaged. I came home to be in her wedding, just a week or so after I got engaged. Nicole went to India that summer, just after she, too, was engaged. She bought the silk for her wedding dress in India.

Christi was married on March 26, 2005. Nicole was married on new years that year. Sweet hubby and I were married on March 25, 2006. Barely, but we were married within a year. All three of us. And we were all in each others weddings. How neat is that?

And so, after we were all married, we began the tradition. The annual summer beach trip. It's the only time we know that the three of us can get together during the year. One year we didn't make it to the beach, but we still got together. That was the first year with babies. This year the babies are 2 and 2 and a half. Last year they hated the sand and the water. Hopefully they will like it a little better this y, or we might have to come up with a new summer get together plan.

Another great thing about seeing my girls?

Sweet hubby gets to see the guys. The guys get along great, which seems pretty miraculous to me....and definitely makes it easier to vacation together.

I'm so excited that everyone's on the way!

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