Wednesday, September 21, 2011

i am...

listening to the deluge outside, glad not to be driving in it anymore.

being warmed up by a purring kitty on my lap.

curious about what sweet hubby meant when he said on the phone " recien vi una persona atropellada por un auto" and i said, "ok, te amo, chau".

exhausted by my kids at school, who are so smart that they think they don't need to listen to directions, and then ask a bajillion questions about what they are supposed to do.

dressed for yoga, the first exercise I'll do in a week. So much for running three times a week. I did better on vacation.

avoiding packing for my cousins wedding on Friday, since it seems like way too much work after writing sub plans for two days and plans for Monday when I get back, and cleaning up the classroom, and trying to remember all the details of our daily routine for someone who doesn't do it every day.

hopeful that this month might be the month, but really doubtful at the same time. I'd love to have prayers about it, accepting God's will and God's timing.

waiting on my mama to pick me up. I love that woman.

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