Saturday, September 17, 2011


Sweet hubby woke up early and went to school with me, to move things around and make copies and laminate stuff and cut it up and all of that. I wouldn't have gotten the same things done if he hadn't gone with me. I probably would have gotten my sub plans for next week done, though, which I'm sure my sub would have been happy with. Oh well.

I spent a lot of the afternoon with my mama. We made spaghetti sauce. Then I googled instructions for making chia heads. I think we're going to do this in my classroom. I think it will be fun. I really like how the roots show through the bottom, too. Learning about plant adaptations is a 3rd grade standard. It's totally legit. All I have to do is find a cheap source of knee-highs.

Then I went home while the sauce was simmering. Don't worry, my mama was still there to stir. I climbed into bed and shoved the kitty under the sheets. She didn't complain. She curled up beside me and took a nap while I read a book.

Sadly, I had to leave to can the sauce. My mama headed out to the game (go cocks!) and I boiled the sauce in a water bath for 35 minutes. I also got to have supper with my daddy. He was happy not to eat leftovers. I was happy to not eat alone, since sweet hubby is also at the game.

And now....Now. Once again, I'm sucked in to Glee. Too bad for that baby blanket I'm supposed to be finishing for the sweetest little boy who decided to come last night! (I'm sure he won't mind -- I'll get it into the mail soon. Or take it to him in person in a few weeks....)

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