Tuesday, September 6, 2011

pink things!

I have a new pink thing.

It is an old pink thing, but new to me.

It came off the side of the road last night, in the rain.

Sweet hubby wasn't very happy about it.

But I have biiiiiiiig plans for it.

Can you tell what my new-old pink thing is?

(um, yes, I'm aware that it is upside down. We picked it up in the rain. Not leaving it right side up to let the mosquitos breed....)

It's a sink! My parents' neighbors are doing some remodeling, and this gem was lying on the side of the road, waiting for the trash collectors to come by....

I had seen it more than once. But when my mama mentioned that trash pick up was today....I knew I couldn't just gaze at it lovingly anymore.

Sometime soon-ish sweet hubby and I will have a building project, and we'll figure out how to install it as an outdoor sink next to our storage shed, maybe with a nice counter-top height shelf and some cabinets underneath, for me to use to pretend that I know more about planting things.

I can't wait! I love pink things!

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