Sunday, November 28, 2010

Dulce, dulce vacaciones

He disfrutado al máximo los días aquí en la playa. Me da mucha tristeza pensar que hoy, en la tarde, tendré que volver a la realidad, acostarme temprano, e ir a la escuela en la mañana, a un grupo de niños que seguramente habrán olvidado las reglas...

Tristeza, frustración, cansancio, y más -- estas son las cosas que me esperan.

Pero hoy, estoy celebrando.

Estoy celebrando que le convencí a mi esposito lindo ponerse un traje de baño ayer, ir conmigo a sentarse en la arena, comer un picnic, y después caminar hasta el final de la playa en el sol y frío.

Estoy celebrando que dos días hemos ido a Silver Coast a tomar vino rico, juntos, para puro disfrutar.

Estoy celebrando que fuimos a comer helado, y en vez de comer helado, encontramos una tienda nueva de tortitas, y tuvimos que comprar algunos extras porque no teníamos efectivo.

Estoy celebrando que fuimos a comprar otra vez porque esposito quiso hacerlo, no porque yo lo sugerí.

Estoy celebrando que vimos el cielo cambiando a rosado sobre el agua, y decidimos llevar la cena al muelle a comerlo en la luz reflejando rosado en el agua.

Estoy, más que nada, celebrando las cosas bonitas de mi vida. Doy gracias por estas cosas, y la oportunidad que se realizan todas, y la bendición que mi vida me da.

Que vacaciones más dulces.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

ah, beach.

Why, o why, is it always so long in between beach visits?

This place, how it restores my soul, my productivity, my good mood. Just to look out the windows and see the water, the sunlight reflecting in, the green of the live oaks, the marsh grass, and way out beyond that, the white of the dunes....

And a week with four Saturdays -- totally beats that week with two Mondays that we had a while ago. I'll take four Saturdays anytime.

Wednesday-Saturday was spent at Target, then baking Thanksgiving cookies with my mama and sister, and shopping with my mama in the afternoon.

Thursday-Saturday was spent with the family -- all of the family -- 43 of us, to be exact, eating and playing and walking the annual walk, and then eating some more, before heading to the beach with sweet hubby.

Friday-Saturday was spent sleeping in, visiting Silver Coast, napping, and, late in the day, shopping -- best way to do black Friday. I got the things that were on my list at a discount, and without having to fight the crowds -- much better than trying to be a door-buster.

Saturday-Saturday is being spent studying, and probably sewing, and maybe going for a run, and probably going to the beach to walk barefoot in the sand. That sounds like an excellent plan for today.

And Sunday will be spent sleeping in, sewing, studying, maybe even Silver Coasting, and then driving home. Boo. No one wants to leave the beach.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

two days before thanksgiving

School days, at least. A Sunday, two school days, and then WednesdayThursdayFridaySaturdaySunday goodness. Thursday night to the beach -- Oh, my refuge, how I have missed you. Oh, beach, how I hope and dream that I might be so blessed to spend two months with you this summer....But I bet it's someone else's turn.

School is still plugging along, with kids who talk back every change they get and complain about the tiniest things. I wish I could love on these little kids, because they clearly need it, but with so many behavior issues to "handle", there seems to be no time for being nice. That may be the hardest part of the year for me -- no time to be nice, no time to be relaxed, no time to just feel at ease doing the teacher thing this year. What is making this year feel so long is that I am always stressed -- always wondering which kid will go off next, and exactly how, and what I'm supposed to do in response...

For the kid who likes to throw stuff, my team teacher and I have devised a system -- before he starts throwing stuff, but is obviously getting to that point, we each send a stapler by student to the other. This way, the student doesn't have to see us making the phone call to the office that someone needs to come and remove him -- hopefully letting us evade the actual desk throwing and also teaching the kid to stop a little sooner, to have a time out, and to calm himself back down. It's nice when the administrator just shows up.

Me hace tener ganas de preguntarle a mi mama de como era mi hermano cuando el era chico. Yo se que mi hermano tuvo varios problemas con su comportamiento en la escuela, y me gustaria saber que estuvo pensando ella durante todas las reuniones con las maestras, escuchando que su hijo tuvo algun problema, y tambien quiero que ella admite el sentimiento de incapacidad que uno se siente cuando no hay forma de ayudar a un niño. A la vez, me da mucha pena, porque no creo que ningun padre debe sentirse tan incapaz con su propio hijo.

*** brief pause as sweet hubby distracts me entirely from the computer***

Ah, and now, here we are, two days later... or three...
and only one school day left to go before the break. It was a good one, today, not too much going on, and I even managed to give my group extra recess because they walked so quietly in line that I didn't have to correct anyone on the way to or from lunch and recess....Sure, the afternoon was a little bit chaotic, after that, but I think in general they liked it. And they will have a nice, very nice, substitute lady, and they will be mean to her, and I will pray and pray and pray that she will come back for me in December when I have my next long meeting.

I had the extra blessing of a good friend coming into town unexpectedly for a quick visit, which then got extended, over the weekend. There is hardly anything I like more than having friends visit -- I LOVE having people visit. I love the catching up, the excuses of not doing real work, the relaxing and laughter and fun. I'm so glad that one of my adopted daughters came to spend a few nights at our house this weekend.

And I'm excited about Wednesday morning Thanksgiving cookie making with my mom and my sister -- good times to be had by all. But first, a long day of meetings tomorrow. But not a long day of trying to control the volume on a crowd of 8 and 9 year olds about to be out of school for three extra days....

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

oh, November

Will you please end soon? The sooner you end, the sooner December comes, and goes, and the sooner January and then February and March, April, May, and June will arrive....And Oh, how I want June to arrive. This is going to be one long school year.

I think my day could have been a little nicer without the migraine today. Oh, and the smell -- 3rd graders after recess, horrible, with a migraine. Basically unbearable, with the migraine.

And an upset in the fourth grade....

The sudden switch of our fourth grade immersion teacher to the middle school, and the middle school teacher to fourth grade immersion....I'm sure she will be really nice, once I get to meet her for more than 5 minutes and she has some time to settle in.

It was a good weekend, though -- time well spent with a college friend and her family. They were having a rough weekend, coming to visit right off of bad news (a life dream crushed in a phone call the day they drove over....) but we managed to watch a ridiculous number of movies on netflix instant streaming, eat some good food, spend a day at the zoo, and in general have a nice time talking and catching up and avoiding thinking about their bad news.

And something to look forward to -- only three more days of school before a lovely church retreat to the mountains, time spend with younger friends and this will be the first time going on the retreat when I do NOT have to bring a stack of homework with me. I'm extra excited for the free time, now!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

two mondays

Two Mondays is way too many Mondays in one week. I guess that technically, there was only one Monday this week, and will only be one Friday, too, but the first Monday this week felt like a whole week in and of itself.

Monday was the day after Halloween and the day before election day. For most people, this simply means that Monday was the day after handing out candy to cute kids dressed up in crazy costumes, and the day before trying to remember to vote. For me, it was the day after my students stayed up late eating ridiculous amounts of sugar and the day before a day off of school.

Monday was full of Monday behavior. And Friday behavior. And between the two, I managed to send two kids to the office before 8:30, and another in the afternoon, and one of the 2 I had send in the morning got sent back to the office in the afternoon by his other teacher. Four office visits in one day? Not a normal Monday. Four office visits in a week? Now that would seem like a normal week, with the type of behavior the kids this year display.

So after Monday, I was a week's worth of tired. Thank goodness Tuesday was a Saturday. I mean, voting day. I slept 4 hours later than a school day, watched some t.v., had a nice head scratch from my hubby, went to vote, had lunch with my hubby, mama, and brother, spent the afternoon bargain shopping, went for a run with my girls, and did a lot of relaxing.

Just in time to repeat Monday on Wednesday. Kids behavior gone haywire. More office visits and general craziness. My team teacher was out, so the kids thought they could get away with a lot, even in my room. (I don't think so, guys. I'm still your normal teacher, too, and you know how to behave in my classroom.)

Thank goodness today was just a normal Thursday. And tomorrow will be just a normal Friday. And then, thank goodness, it is Saturday, and Sunday, and then even though it will be Monday again, it will be a normal Monday. Hopefully without a full week's worth of drama.