Tuesday, November 9, 2010

oh, November

Will you please end soon? The sooner you end, the sooner December comes, and goes, and the sooner January and then February and March, April, May, and June will arrive....And Oh, how I want June to arrive. This is going to be one long school year.

I think my day could have been a little nicer without the migraine today. Oh, and the smell -- 3rd graders after recess, horrible, with a migraine. Basically unbearable, with the migraine.

And an upset in the fourth grade....

The sudden switch of our fourth grade immersion teacher to the middle school, and the middle school teacher to fourth grade immersion....I'm sure she will be really nice, once I get to meet her for more than 5 minutes and she has some time to settle in.

It was a good weekend, though -- time well spent with a college friend and her family. They were having a rough weekend, coming to visit right off of bad news (a life dream crushed in a phone call the day they drove over....) but we managed to watch a ridiculous number of movies on netflix instant streaming, eat some good food, spend a day at the zoo, and in general have a nice time talking and catching up and avoiding thinking about their bad news.

And something to look forward to -- only three more days of school before a lovely church retreat to the mountains, time spend with younger friends and this will be the first time going on the retreat when I do NOT have to bring a stack of homework with me. I'm extra excited for the free time, now!

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