Tuesday, August 30, 2011

decisions, decisions

I made some great decisions today.

I also made some not-so-great decisions today.

I decided to move the desks around in my classroom. Good decision.
I got frustrated with my kids for talking instead of listening to directions. Not-so-great.

I decided to go home "early" from school. Good decision.
I decided not to worry about what I'm teaching in math tomorrow, and so have very few plans. Not-so-clever.

I decided to skip car-rider duty since I had no planning time today, recess duty, and zero breaks from my students. Fantastic.
I used that time to check facebook. Dumb.

I decided to go to Bible study tonight. Excellent.
I decided to go for a run today, but have zero motivation. Not-so-great.

I decided to go to the beach the weekend after labor day with sweet hubby, just the two of us. Super-super-excited.
I decided we won't be acting as leaders for the university church we are leaders at on their retreat that same weekend. Feeling guilty.

I decided to get off my rear and do something active....starting now.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Este fin de semana

Este fin de semana ya no ha sido lo que yo esperaba, pero a la vez, ha sido más de lo que esperaba.

Yo pensé que dos buenas amigas iban a venir a visitar, que ibamos a celebrar el futuro casamiento de una, quedarnos despiertas hasta tarde, ver películas, reírnos, y todo. Pero poco a poco, los planes de este fin de semana se fueron cambiando.

Recibí un correo el miercoles en la mañana diciendo que la tienda de la familia de una de las niñas se había destruido por fuego, y que necesitaba estar con su familia ahora. Claro que si, son una familia bien apegada y en el momento de perder todo, es importante estar juntos.

Con la llegada de Irene, la otra amiga no puede volar, asi que no vendrá tampoco.

Mis planes cambiaron. En vez de estar en el auto 4 horas ayer, buscando a la amiga del aeropuerto, cancelé la cena con Roommate y salí con esposito lindo. Fuimos a un restauran nuevo, operado por algunos de sus amigos (esposito lindo hizo algunas instalaciones técnicas para ellos -- cosas con las computadoras y sistemas de radio). A cada rato, sus amigos pasaron a la mesa a ofrecernos más, y cuando trajeron la cuenta, su cena era gratis.

Después, fuimos a la iglesia, donde estaban haciendo una noche de películas. En vez de ver películas, con el grupo de gentes nuevas, jugamos el juego de la piña. Me encanta el juego de la piña. Tiene otros nombres, yo sé, pero en mi familia, pongamos las palabras en una piña. Empieza un poco como el juego taboo, en la primera ronda, y después se convierte a ser un poco más como charades. Y con un grupo de gente que no se conocen muy bien, puede ser una buena forma de hacerse reir, conocerse un poco mejor, y pasarlo bien sin tener demasiado tiempo para hacer preguntas personales y conversaciones extendidas con gente desconocida.

Predigo que voy a tener mucho más tiempo para relajarme este fin de semana que si mis amigas hubiesen venido. No quiero decir que no lo hubiese pasado bien con ellas....Pero a la vez estoy bien contenta que podré preocuparme un poco más de pasar tiempo con mi esposo, limpiar un poco a la cocina, salir a correr, y ver un poco de televisión.

Espero que tu también pases un buen fin de semana.

Friday, August 26, 2011

five minute friday


I am older. I can tell it in the needed recovery time from running or yoga.

I can tell it when I get up at the first alarm chime in the morning, at 5:30, and wehn I'm ready for bed at 9:30 at night.

I can tell it when I think that kids and teenagers and college students are crazy for the choices they make.

But sometimes I can't tell it. I can't tell when I am supposed to cross the line and stop taking crazy vacations with too few plans.

I can't tell when I'm supposed to have the rhythm of always getting the dishwasher unloaded the same day it was run will fall into place.

I can't tell when things like the paperwork for refinancing a mortgage won't totally blow me away with their level of complexity and my own level of not understanding.

Someday, I keep thinking, I will know that I am older. And I will act like it. But so far, I can't seem to forget how young I still feel, how inexperienced, how naive, how stubbornly set in my own silly ways of thought, not able to recognize that there are bigger and better ways out there, sometimes even staring me in the face.

One day....I will be older, and it won't just be because I see grey hairs peaking at me in the mirror.

I'm sharing at the Gypsy Mama's five minute friday.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

i am...

still without consistent hot water at home. Sweet hubby has been making arrangements to have our water heater replaced, and it might be tomorrow.

exhausted -- I forgot how much energy teaching takes each day.

not quite back into a good routine -- I'm still going to bed too late, getting up too early.

annoyed with chatty chatty kids -- but happy they are not the behavioral problems I had to handle last year.

happy that my grad student friends are finally all back from their summer adventures (me too!).

watching a Glee marathon -- how did I miss this before?

debating going to Bible study tonight. I'll probably go for a little while, but not the whole time.

excited that the house is clean.

wishing the refrigerator would fill itself with healthy, easy to pack lunch foods. I think I'll have to go to the store later. Or tomorrow.

sooooooo glad to have sweet hubby home.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

first day!

And I like my students already!

This looks like it will be a very different year from last year, in the best possible way!

Monday, August 15, 2011

i am...

so glad that the presentation at school seemed to go well today, and that I didn't fall and bust it in my new blue suede shoes on the slippery tile floor.

relieved to have parent-and-student orientation over with.

sweaty and gross after a run, yet exceedingly proud of myself for running (jogging!) 35 minutes instead of just 30 today.

looking forward to supper with roommate tomorrow, and hopeful that I can talk her out of the meeting she has after supper.

thankful, thankful, thankful that my parents have agreed to let me drop by their house at 5am for the rest of this week for a quick shower before school, even though they have houseguests coming in.

anxious about the results of my almost 95 year old grandma's eye surgery this afternoon and whether she has found/will find a good attitude for recovery.

sad that sweet hubby is still in California because I miss his face.

glad to have one more day without students to get ready for the school year.

counting on having a better behaved group of students this year compared to last year.

watching Glee, season 1, though I should be getting clothes together for tomorrow morning.

trying to motivate myself to take a cold shower so that I can go to bed clean tonight....ok, here I go. Goodnight!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

My life is a joke.

One day up, the next day down. What a roller coaster. If it wasn't for real, I'd think I was making it up.

My first day back at school (without students) was Wednesday. Wednesday is the day my water heater decided not to heat the water any more. Wednesday is also the day roommate arrived to spend some time at my house before she moves into her new house tomorrow.

Did you catch that? The amazing combination of three factors that make my life somehow so much more complicated that it needs to be?

I can handle returning to school just fine. On its own.

I can handle a couple of days of cold showers. On their own.

I love having roommate stay at my house, but am less productive with her around.

Thursday morning, I was selected to be part of a small group presenting about the trip we took to Maine in May. And I spent almost all day at school, on Thursday, preparing for the presentation, rather than preparing for the upcoming school year.

Since I was at school all day Wednesday, I couldn't really do anything about the water heater.
I couldn't do much about it on Thursday, either.

Thursday night I went to lowe's. Their one tankless water heater was simply uninspiring. Sweet hubby, who is in California for another week, told me that home depot has more selection.

Friday, after school, I rushed to home depot.

They only had one tankless water heater, also. But they did have people asking if I needed help, which is better than lowes this time around.

They told me they would have to get my information and pass it on to the people who handle tankless water heater installation.

The people called and quoted me a price of twice what the water heater costs for its installation. But the guy who does the installation didn't call, like the other guy said he would on the phone.

Roommate helped me check on the water heater. The pilot light keeps going out. It occurred to me that the gas line is just under the kitchen window. You know, the one the burglar climbed through when my house was broken into a month ago? Who walked down the street with our tv under his arm? Yeah, that one.

He apparently stepped all over the gas lines and gas meter to get into the window. In the process, he managed to close the gas line valve, so hardly any gas has been moving into the water heater or the stove (but we've cooked so infrequently this summer we hadn't totally noticed). The gas line guy told me that there is no leak, but if the pilot light won't stay lit, it is a water heater problem rather than gas flow problem.

It's twelve hours after lighting the pilot light again, and there is some lukewarm water now. No hot water. I'm very doubtful that the pilot is still on at this point. We've already re-lit it four times in the past two days.

So it's the weekend, I have a random big presentation to make on Monday at school, parent orientation Monday night, and no hot water to shower in. Hot water is extremely important to me when I shower. Just ask sweet hubby, who has had to boil water for me in an electric kettle before, in other instances when other sources of hot water have not been available. Expecting to have hot water is such a mixed blessing.

Monday, August 8, 2011

close ups

When traveling, the best thing to take pictures of is the people.

The hardest thing to take pictures of?

Also, the people.

My travel buddies and I took a lot of self portraits.

These are the better ones.

Yes, even the funny ones....They are the better ones.

It would be helpful to have longer arms.

But my arms are short. That puts me very close in the view finder.

Short arms lead to fun memories, though, of taking silly self portraits.

And I definitely have lots of fun and funny memories.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

I am...

sitting next to the sweetest kitty, who wakes me up super early in the morning by purring in my ear.

updating my calendar for the beginning of the school year, beginning of MSN, weddings, and life in general.

feeling overwhelmed at the amount of conflicts I already have on my calendar for the rest of August.

missing sweet hubby, who left for music camp today, after only seeing him 2.5 days, and all of it jet lagged.

feeling like it is super late, even though it is only 9:24, and thinking that I should be over this jet lag business by now.

wishing that there was a castle I could see from any point of my run.

scared to run in the 100 degree heat, so quickly getting out of shape as I eat cheesecake for supper.

excited to go shopping with my mama and sister tomorrow, and hopeful that I'll find some black shirts appropriate for school, since I shrunk my last one in the dryer yesterday by accident.

happy that roommate is coming to stay with me for a few days while she moved into her new place after her summer adventures.

not looking forward to cleaning the cat hair off of everything sweet hubby missed (particularly the curtains).

delighted that I get to pick up some pictures from my trip and my mama's camera tomorrow to frame for my house and for school.

sad that I'm barely on vacation anymore.

sad that I'm not at the beach.

sad that sweet hubby isn't home.

happy that we are so blessed that we can take vacations, go to the beach, and be home together at all, anytime.

wishing, just wishing, that we had castles here.