Monday, August 15, 2011

i am...

so glad that the presentation at school seemed to go well today, and that I didn't fall and bust it in my new blue suede shoes on the slippery tile floor.

relieved to have parent-and-student orientation over with.

sweaty and gross after a run, yet exceedingly proud of myself for running (jogging!) 35 minutes instead of just 30 today.

looking forward to supper with roommate tomorrow, and hopeful that I can talk her out of the meeting she has after supper.

thankful, thankful, thankful that my parents have agreed to let me drop by their house at 5am for the rest of this week for a quick shower before school, even though they have houseguests coming in.

anxious about the results of my almost 95 year old grandma's eye surgery this afternoon and whether she has found/will find a good attitude for recovery.

sad that sweet hubby is still in California because I miss his face.

glad to have one more day without students to get ready for the school year.

counting on having a better behaved group of students this year compared to last year.

watching Glee, season 1, though I should be getting clothes together for tomorrow morning.

trying to motivate myself to take a cold shower so that I can go to bed clean tonight....ok, here I go. Goodnight!

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