Saturday, December 29, 2012

2012 New Year's Goal

I was supposed to participate in a race today, since I was recovering from a cold during the race on Dec. 8 that I had originally planned to count as my December race.

When the alarm went off this morning and I made it into the kitchen for some breakfast, I noticed that it was pouring. Not just a little sprinkling of rain, but water coming down so fast and hard that I couldn't see the marsh in front of the house, and when I opened the porch for it sounded like a waterfall.

Sweet hubby and I decided that it should count anyway, even though we went back to bed.

I tried, twice, to participate in a race in December. December is not a month when many races are available in my area, since most people don't want to run in the cold and are busy with other holiday stuff, too.

I cheered hard and loud at the race on Dec.8, even though I was getting over two days of not being able to talk well enough to teach new material at school.

Even though we decided not to participate this morning, because of the cold and downpour, I'm going to count my 2012 resolution to run a race a month as a success. the final did keep me motivated to keep running and training between races, which meant that overall, I was more physically active in 2012 than I had been the year before, and that was the real point of the race-per-month goal.

Here is a quick review:
January: Cold Winter's Day
February: Race for the Place
March: Special Olympics and Cooper River Bridge
April: Heart and Sole/Girls on the Run
May: Get in the Pink
June: Fresh Fest
July: Media Maratón Valle del Elqui
August: Run Wild
September: Brunswick Family Assistance
October: Color Me Rad
November: Turkey Trot
December: Girls on the Run/Race into the New Year

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Merry Christmas!

I hope that your holiday was as wonderful as mine.

Well, most parts of mine, at least.

Sweet hubby forgot to take his allergy medicine on Christmas Eve, and snored all night long. He wouldn't roll over when I tried to make him, either! The snoring combined with my now overactive bladder did not make for a very restful night, which made the festivities seem too long on Christmas day.

My immediate family gathered for breakfast at my mama's house (I took cinnamon rolls...yum!), which is a tradition. We help get last minute things done until the grits are ready and my dad is home from rounds at the hospital (ahhh, call on Christmas morning). Then we listen to Christmas music while we eat -- Mama's favorite is Johnny Mathis, so I don't think I'll ever be able to really feel like it is Christmas morning without Johnny playing.

After breakfast, we went to see what Santa had brought, and then to open gifts from one another. I was sooooo excited to get two of the big things on my list -- a silhouette cutting machine and a new sewing machine! Yay! Time to do projects!

My siblings, sweet hubby, and my parents all seemed happy with their gifts, too.

My dad went to pick up my grandma and her sitter, and my mama's sisters started to arrive. Grandma had a little bit of present opening time, and then we started bustling around the kitchen getting the food ready for dinner. There were 22 people eating dinner, ages 2-96. Pretty special. And the food was amazing (as usual).

After dinner, we all sat around talking and watching old holiday movies until suppertime. The men with smartphones checked the weather, saw a big storm rolling in, and decided to head home....I was kind of grateful, since I was feeling so tired.

We packed up our things, said goodbye, and came home to crash.

I'm constantly surprised by how incredible exhausted I am all the time! I'm also getting very spoiled with daily afternoon naps -- which I'm sure I will not be able to continue when school starts back next week!

Christmas Eve was tiring, too -- I had my first official prenatal appointment in the morning, which took FOREVER for not a lot -- bloodwork and an interview -- I didn't even see a doctor. The bloodwork I think really got to me -- I had a bad headache for the rest of the day and was very tired. I did my best to help my mama and sister with the normal Christmas Eve preparations. I did NOT fall asleep during church, and I managed not to be unpleasant at the annual Christmas Eve soup party.

Overall, this holiday has been tiring -- even though most of it has been geared around relatively relaxing and fun activities.

I'm hoping for some rejuvenation at the beach later this week -- I love being at the beach, even in the winter!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

i am...

getting excited about christmas!

not excited to have found a HUGE limb down from a tree that has limbs over our kitchen.

scheduled to have my first prenatal appointment on monday.

having said tree removed from my yard on Wednesday. By the sketchy tree service the recommendation of a friend of the family recommended since he retired last year and which I can't find a website for on the internets to help me feel better about not checking around with other tree services who do have websites on the internets....

putting off the gift wrapping, but it really must be done pretty soon.

also putting off the grocery shopping and hoping that sweet hubby will do the rest of it without me (he made me go to Sam's this morning, since I have the card and he doesn't).

gearing up to clean the kitchen and start some laundry.

wishing the house would clean itself.

going to meet roommate's new kitty this afternoon!

hoping, hoping, hoping for a nap pretty soon.

dreading the school thank you notes -- all those gifts from kids! so many thank you notes to write!

signed up for a race on dec. 29, which I'm planning to walk, not run, since I haven't been running since before I found out I'm pregnant, and somehow I don't think it would be smart of me to try to run a 5k without training right now. And this one will be the last one in the 2012 New Year's Resolution series....I don't think I'll be setting a New Year's goal this year. Unless it is something extremely vague and unmeasurable.

still reveling in the amazing dancing of West Side Story, which we got to see as part of sweet hubby's christmas gift on Thursday night.


maybe going to call some more tree services.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

God is Good.

God is good.

If you'll remember, a few weeks ago, I had a sort of strange experience where I thought God might be giving me signs. Signs that I had prayed for, but still didn't know how to accept as signs from Him.

God is so BIG, and so AMAZING.

It took a lot for me to announce that I was going to believe that the verses God was giving me were truly gifts from Him.

It was totally worth it.

I have claimed God's promises, and God is making them come true.

Guess who is having a baby in August?!!!

Saturday, December 8, 2012


There are 8 days of school left before the holiday break.

There are 34 students who are getting more and more excited about being on said break....

It is not my favorite combination.

Throw in a cold, this whole past week, that made me lose my voice and my patience....I was not the nicest teacher.

One of my parents thinks that her child is being bullied, when many other students think her child is the bully. Her child threw a laptop at another on Thursday and was suspended. It didn't happen in my classroom, so I don't really know all of the details. I do know that her son had already been having a rough day, and that her son has anger management problems. I also know the other child involved had a bad reputation last year for stealing and lying, and may not be truthful about his participation in the situation.

I think it is sad that some students think it is funny to provoke others. My students had a guidance lesson this week on "sandpaper words" and "velvet words". During the lesson, they demonstrated that they clearly knew the difference. In real life, though, they continue to speak like sandpaper to each other.

My students are in a funny position -- they know each other too well. Most class groups are totally different from one year to the next, as students move in and out of the district and get re-mixed each year among all of the teachers in the next grade level. In the immersion program, there are only two class groups to mix the students within, and no new students move in to the program. Occasionally students move out of the program, but very rarely do new students join. These children bring up with them a shared history much more closely resembling the relationships between siblings than classmates. The bickering, the picking on, the instant support, the knowledge of which buttons to push....It can be lovely to see, and also disheartening, too. I hope that they will figure out a way to support each other better through the years, to put aside leftover hurt feelings, and to realize the amazing gift that they have -- most students never get to know their friends so well.

8 days to go -- school days -- and I'm already hoping that they fly by.

Sunday, December 2, 2012


I stink at waiting.

Waiting Waiting Waiting Waiting.

That's all.