Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Merry Christmas!

I hope that your holiday was as wonderful as mine.

Well, most parts of mine, at least.

Sweet hubby forgot to take his allergy medicine on Christmas Eve, and snored all night long. He wouldn't roll over when I tried to make him, either! The snoring combined with my now overactive bladder did not make for a very restful night, which made the festivities seem too long on Christmas day.

My immediate family gathered for breakfast at my mama's house (I took cinnamon rolls...yum!), which is a tradition. We help get last minute things done until the grits are ready and my dad is home from rounds at the hospital (ahhh, call on Christmas morning). Then we listen to Christmas music while we eat -- Mama's favorite is Johnny Mathis, so I don't think I'll ever be able to really feel like it is Christmas morning without Johnny playing.

After breakfast, we went to see what Santa had brought, and then to open gifts from one another. I was sooooo excited to get two of the big things on my list -- a silhouette cutting machine and a new sewing machine! Yay! Time to do projects!

My siblings, sweet hubby, and my parents all seemed happy with their gifts, too.

My dad went to pick up my grandma and her sitter, and my mama's sisters started to arrive. Grandma had a little bit of present opening time, and then we started bustling around the kitchen getting the food ready for dinner. There were 22 people eating dinner, ages 2-96. Pretty special. And the food was amazing (as usual).

After dinner, we all sat around talking and watching old holiday movies until suppertime. The men with smartphones checked the weather, saw a big storm rolling in, and decided to head home....I was kind of grateful, since I was feeling so tired.

We packed up our things, said goodbye, and came home to crash.

I'm constantly surprised by how incredible exhausted I am all the time! I'm also getting very spoiled with daily afternoon naps -- which I'm sure I will not be able to continue when school starts back next week!

Christmas Eve was tiring, too -- I had my first official prenatal appointment in the morning, which took FOREVER for not a lot -- bloodwork and an interview -- I didn't even see a doctor. The bloodwork I think really got to me -- I had a bad headache for the rest of the day and was very tired. I did my best to help my mama and sister with the normal Christmas Eve preparations. I did NOT fall asleep during church, and I managed not to be unpleasant at the annual Christmas Eve soup party.

Overall, this holiday has been tiring -- even though most of it has been geared around relatively relaxing and fun activities.

I'm hoping for some rejuvenation at the beach later this week -- I love being at the beach, even in the winter!

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