Saturday, December 22, 2012

i am...

getting excited about christmas!

not excited to have found a HUGE limb down from a tree that has limbs over our kitchen.

scheduled to have my first prenatal appointment on monday.

having said tree removed from my yard on Wednesday. By the sketchy tree service the recommendation of a friend of the family recommended since he retired last year and which I can't find a website for on the internets to help me feel better about not checking around with other tree services who do have websites on the internets....

putting off the gift wrapping, but it really must be done pretty soon.

also putting off the grocery shopping and hoping that sweet hubby will do the rest of it without me (he made me go to Sam's this morning, since I have the card and he doesn't).

gearing up to clean the kitchen and start some laundry.

wishing the house would clean itself.

going to meet roommate's new kitty this afternoon!

hoping, hoping, hoping for a nap pretty soon.

dreading the school thank you notes -- all those gifts from kids! so many thank you notes to write!

signed up for a race on dec. 29, which I'm planning to walk, not run, since I haven't been running since before I found out I'm pregnant, and somehow I don't think it would be smart of me to try to run a 5k without training right now. And this one will be the last one in the 2012 New Year's Resolution series....I don't think I'll be setting a New Year's goal this year. Unless it is something extremely vague and unmeasurable.

still reveling in the amazing dancing of West Side Story, which we got to see as part of sweet hubby's christmas gift on Thursday night.


maybe going to call some more tree services.

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