Saturday, July 31, 2010

Triste, cuando lo piensas...

Recien estuve viendo cosas en facebook, como la maestra de todo sketchy, y me di cuenta que alguien que conocí en la universidad se había divorciada.

Me choqueó, para decir la verdad. Esta niña es un poco más joven que yo. Al parecer, es mucha más bonita, inteligente, y sin duda siempre fue una bailerina mejor que yo. Se casó en 2007, y recién descubrí (no soy una amiga de esta mujer, pero no la tengo nada en contra, tampoco) que ya está divorciada.

No tengo idea que pasó, ni las circunstancias, pero lo encuentro triste. Triste que el divorcio es tan común que los matrimonios no duran más que tres añitos, y se van.

Bueno, mi matrimonio lleva un poco más de cuatro años, y con el amor y bendición de Dios, durará muchos años más.

Me choca que gente de mi edad ya están pasando por el divorcio, cuando la mitad de mis amigas ni se han casado por primera vez.

Triste es, cuando lo piensas bien.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Surprise, surprise!

Most of the time, I'm not a huge fan of surprises. That's usually when they are directed at me, and involve things like failed classes or forgotten laundry or extra meetings, and things like that....

I am a huge fan, however, of planning surprises for my husband.

Like a three night stay at a B&B in Virginia. For his birthday. When my cousin was bringing guests to stay at the beach, and he wanted to go away.

He thought we were just heading back to Columbia, kicked out of the beach house, and that I had finally relented and agreed to go with him, rather than sticking it out at the beach with the cuz and her guests.

When I asked about taking his camera "home" with us, he wanted to know why. Oh, I said, we never take pictures of the two of us; I thought it might be fun to take some while we are home.

When I suggested he take more nice clothes "home," he wanted to know why. Well, if we are taking pictures, I want to make sure you look nice.

I snagged his toothbrush while he fixed a bottle of water for the road -- no need to pack one for home, since we keep one at home anyway....

And I convinced him that it was my turn to drive the backroads stretch of the trip home....

Only I went the wrong direction, on purpose. He was immediately suspicious. And he started guessing. Are we going to Wilmington? No.

Are we going to Silver Coast? No.

Are we going to the beach? No.

Where are we going? I don't know, with a sweet secretive smile....

Are we going to New York? No.

Are we going to DC? No.

Where are we going????

We're going to Virginia.


At this point I handed him the directions I had printed out the night before, for the off chance that I would need to sneak a look if he hadn't figured it out and set the GPS for me.

We spent three nights in Onancock, on the Eastern Shore, which I had never even heard of before my google search suggested the Colonial Manor Inn might have a room available....

Surprise vacation? check.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

back at the beach

With friends, this time!

After a week of RISC training at school, I am back at the beach, and so glad to have a couple more weeks of vacation. I'll enjoy going back to work, when it is time for that, but I am glad to have a break for a little while.

Yesterday we packed up a picnic lunch and went over to Waites Island. We climbed up on the sketchy old dressing platform and had the best view -- over the dunes and across the water, clear skies, beautiful sand, and in the distance, the horses from Inlet Pointe.

We followed up with some swimming, some reading in the sun, a little walking, a little photography...

When we arrived back at the house, the second half of the group had arrived. We got the boat, played some games, ate dinner, learned the Honor Roll, and watched Whip It. Overall, a great night. Maybe even better than playing Super Mario Bros. 3 the night before.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Weekend, already?

Why do the days fly by when one is on vacation? It is so unfair.

My mom and sister are on their way down to the beach, and my dad will bring my grandma tonight, and we'll have a small crowd for a couple of days. Rayen will be stuck in the bedroom, we've vacuumed and cleaned the kitchen, and we've been straightening up the rest of the house too -- even though most of the mess was made by the whole family together less than two weeks ago. Free place to stay, on the water? I'll take it.

Esposito and I went to Waites Island yesterday afternoon (and the afternoon before that) even though it takes a good 20-30 minutes to get there. We stopped for ice cream on the way, in to-go cups with lids, stuck into the cooler. When we got to the beach, we climbed up on the old dressing-room tower, and sat there, looking out over the dunes onto the completely unoccupied beach. There is nothing better. What a blessing -- no time commitments, no hurry, just me and my hubby and some ice cream and a view that takes my breath away....

After the ice cream, we walked down towards Cherry Grove. It was low tide, and we waded out a little to see how deep the crossing was. At low tide, not very deep. It may be headed towards the same fate as Bird Island -- completely joined with Sunset Beach, these days, due to the whole process of sand shifting over time. I remember about 15 years ago that my dad read a book called The Beaches are Moving. About how private ownership and insurance protection for land that was never designed to be privately owned really just don't work out so well....It is a sad concept, but true. The beaches move, and shift, and change, and the structural crap that we humans do to them really don't have much to do with preserving the true nature of the beaches, but with finding ways to exploit them....

Anyway. The beaches are moving, and it seems that the inlet between Cherry Grove and Waites Island might be closing in. In which case, development of Waites Island might be a sooner possibility than I would like to think, although I'm pretty sure there are a few family members who would fight that pretty hard.

We enjoyed our walk, although we didn't find any sand dollars today (we only found one the day before). Now we're getting ready for the family for the weekend. Then four days of school stuff, then friends at the beach, then more guests, more guests, and moving home.

Summer will be over before I'm ready.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Rainy days at the beach

We have had a great summer so far -- very little rain, few thunderstorms, etc. Until about last week, that is. Cloudy and overcast every day, lots of rain (mostly at night, though), and thunderstorms like nobody's business. I don't mind it, but it does make it harder to want to go out and do things.

So these are the things that I do on a rainy day at the beach:
1. Work on a puzzle on the screen porch. Currently, "100 elephants and a mouse". I still haven't found the mouse.

2. Read books. As previously mentioned, I'm currently reading Other People's Words and really enjoying it. And learning a lot.

3. Sewing. I decided to work on pajamas for my movie night girls for Christmas. I am having mixed success and concerned about the sizing -- since I'm not exactly the same shape as all of my friends. Most of them are taller than me. We'll see how these turn out. But already this summer, I have completed two skirts and an apron.

4. Napping. Ahhhh, napping to the sound of rain on the roof...

And that's about it.

Oh, my life, how I love it!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Reclaiming my life

Esposito and I are finally relaxing again, after playing host and hostess, of sorts, to my family....

Oh, to be able to let the cat out of the bedroom! My grandma didn't realize, in a whole week and a half, that there was a cat in the house. Excellent. The sneaky bunny is now curled up next to me on the couch, shielding her eyes with her paws as she sleeps.

We went home from the beach for a night. Hubby needed some arias from the music library, and suggested that I might need a movie night with my girls. They, very obligingly, agreed to change their plans and have a night of catching up -- I hadn't been home in 5 weeks! Our yard is a jungle, but it was wet and stormy, so no mowing this trip.

Movie night was just what I needed. Many of my friends, like me, are away for the summer, and keeping in touch is just not our strong suit. Getting together for 6 or 7 hours of "movies", on the other hand, is the perfect remedy.

Also, my mama and I went shopping at the Joann's that is moving -- liquidation sales, but not really all that amazing. I will be sewing a few pairs of pjs for my girls for Christmas (note that it is currently July) and picked up some things for a skirt and a blouse. I have one skirt in progress already, but should be relatively close to finishing it -- waistband and hemline. These projects of mine always take longer than I think they should.

Hubby also checked out some books I am interested in from the school library. The book I have been most looking forward to is called Other People's Words. I am looking forward to meeting the family featured in this tail of modern day illiteracy in the US and also looking forward to its implications for my teaching this year. More to come, later, about this book.

And for today....The agenda is as such: work on puzzle, sew, sit in sun on dock and read, maybe do some exercise, love on kitty, read. Oh, vacation, thank you for arriving at last.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

¿el fin de las vacaciones?

¿Puede ser? ¿Puede ser verdadero que ya se están yendo mis familiares?

Durante el fin de semana habían 14 personas en mi casa. 14.

Y ahora, algunitas días después, solamente hay 8. Se irán 3 más hoy, y 3 más mañana, y son todos, ya fuera de mi casa, dejandome a mi con mi esposito lindo solitos para un día.

Y el próximo día, se supone, vienen algunos amigos, con su guagua, a disfrutar de un fin de semana durante la semana, una vacacion corta que no pueden tomar durante el fin de semana por ser pastores. Pero solamente vendrán si la mujer se haya recuperado de una enfermedad rara que tuvo recién.

Mi gatita linda ya quiere andar libre en la casa, y mi esposo ya quiere tener espacio libre en la casa, y yo yo quiero un poco de paz y un poco de espacio en el refrigerador. Imagínate, tres galones de leche a la vez, porque tantos lo toman....

Lentamente, mi vida volverá a la normalidad, si es que eso existe.

Por ahora, voy a clase hoy, dejando la locura por un rato, y el viernes, termina la clase....
Lo he disfrutado, y ha sido una bendición poder salir de la casa y la locura de tantas personas.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

mi familia me tiene loquita

A, la bendición de familia....

Siempre quejando que las cosas cuestan caro, ofreciendo pagar cosas y después negando la oferta, y diciendo que no tienen dinero cuando en realidad son mucho más rico que los otros miembros de la familia.

No dispondré de información personal de las finanzas de mi familia....Pero para ponerlo bonito, yo con mi esposo ganan MENOS que cualquier otro miembro de la familia. Mi esposito lindo está estudiando en la universidad, trabajando más o menos 3 horas a la semana, en un trabajo que paga un poco más del sueldo mínimo.

Yo soy maestra de primer año, y además, soy estudiante en la universidad también, terminando mi certificación. Piénsalo bien: dos estudiantes, un trabajo de tiempo completo, y nosotros ofreciendo de lo que tenemos que todos pueden sacar y comer y usar, sin saber si lo pondrán de vuelta al final. Y otros miembros de mi familia: llegan, comen, usan, disfrutan, y se van, sin pensar ni un minuto en la orígen de las cosas. ¿De donde vino el vino rico que es todo de la misma marca? ¿De dónde vino toda la fruta congelada? ¿Dónde vino todo el chocolate caliente de sabores nuevos? ¿Quién puso sabanas limpias a todas las camas? ¿Quién se aseguró que los baños estuvieran limpios?

Los que tienen la plata deben pagar, es simplemente lo que yo creo. O, si van a cobrar deudas, deben decirlo al principio, no después de decir que no hay problema. Si yo pido permiso para ocupar tu casa vacía, y tu dices que si, por favor, díme en ese momento si este verano me vas a cobrar la electricidad, que no me has cobrado nunca en el pasado para ocupar tu casa de la misma forma.

Y la prima....Me tiene loca. Supuestamente se va el sábado, pero se que su mamá y papá quieren que se quede más tiempo aquí. Veremos que pasa.

Hasta pronto, me quedo, enloqueciendome,