Saturday, July 24, 2010

back at the beach

With friends, this time!

After a week of RISC training at school, I am back at the beach, and so glad to have a couple more weeks of vacation. I'll enjoy going back to work, when it is time for that, but I am glad to have a break for a little while.

Yesterday we packed up a picnic lunch and went over to Waites Island. We climbed up on the sketchy old dressing platform and had the best view -- over the dunes and across the water, clear skies, beautiful sand, and in the distance, the horses from Inlet Pointe.

We followed up with some swimming, some reading in the sun, a little walking, a little photography...

When we arrived back at the house, the second half of the group had arrived. We got the boat, played some games, ate dinner, learned the Honor Roll, and watched Whip It. Overall, a great night. Maybe even better than playing Super Mario Bros. 3 the night before.

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