Saturday, February 22, 2014

pros and cons

I'm in the meantime...I'll do a little pros and cons list of possible future employment opportunities that are staring me in the face, demanding that I find and rewrite my educational philosophy and update my CV.

As I detailed here, not too long ago, I was not very happy with the way that things were handled by the principal of the school I teach at as she decided to move me from teaching 3rd grade to 2nd, at the same time I was very pregnant and planning to miss the first twelve weeks of school.

Being back at school, teaching a new grade level, in another language, with limited resources and limited time to devote to the job, I have become interested in pursuing other options.

And the options are available, if I can get my act together and make a move, rather than simply procrastinating. So here we go with the pros and cons!

Stay at the same school, but loop to 3rd grade with the same bunch of students I have this year:
pros: 1. I know the kids already.
2. I know the curriculum already.
3. I love working with my partner teacher, who will loop with me.

cons: 1. I know the kids already.
2. I lost a lot of respect for my boss at the end of last year, and haven't regained it since returning to work.
3. The work environment is negative -- many teachers don't enjoy working at this school any more
4. 1 to 1 iPad initiative and new expectations that go along with it
5. Short planning period
6. Distance from home (30 min. drive!)

Stay in the same district, but move to a middle school:
pros: 1. New job!
2. Longer planning period
3. Most likely teach the same course multiple times per day (less prep required!)
4. Next door to the Chinese immersion school I'd like Peanut to attend, even though we live out of district
5. Only teaching language, not math and science

cons: 1. More grading
2. the iPads, again
3. Still public school -- lots of kids who aren't interested in taking a foreign language but are in class because it is required
4. New job -- new people, new expectations...
5. Still far from home -- but probably only a 20 min. drive.

Move to "upper school" at the private school I attended:
pros: 1. Elite students...either academically advanced and attending by scholarship, or financially well off
2. Students are more independent based on age
3. Closer to home
4. New job!
5. Peanut could go to private school

cons: 1. I went there as a student and didn't love it
2. High school.
3. Peanut couldn't be in an immersion program
4. Reduction in salary

Clearly, there is a lot to think about.

Monday, January 6, 2014


What a whirlwind!

We spent the holidays in Chile, visiting sweet hubby's family.

The peanut met her abuelitos and spent a whole lot of time with them -- no tummy time for two whole weeks! They don't believe in putting babies on the floor.

She was a rock star on the flights (there and back, even overnight!.

She learned to sleep without being swaddled.

She convinced a few people that babies don't ALWAYS need to have socks on.

We returned home on Saturday, and I returned to work this morning.

I'm hopeful that by the time students return to school on Wednesday that I'll actually be ready to teach them, and not feel so far behind all the time.

Sweet hubby took Peanut to her 4 month check up. Her doctor says she moves like a 6 month old. Goodness gracious. And that she needs to do a whole lot more tummy time, since she's getting a bald spot on the back of her head.

Here are just a few cell phone pictures from our trip!

Saturday, November 16, 2013

hi ho, hi ho...

It's back to work I go.

I started back on Tuesday. It was rough.
The kids have the attention span of a gnat.
They talk a lot.
They tattle.
They whine.

They also give hugs all day long, which is pretty sweet.

Wednesday was rougher.
I was already tired.
I wanted to play with my baby girl.
I didn't want to fight for the attention of my students.
I hate school fundraiser assemblies.
I didn't want anyone else to ask me whether I was glad to be back. (No.)

Thursday was a little better.
My students and I started working on a plan to get them speaking Spanish in the classroom.
We moved forward a tiny bit in math.
We (finally) went to the computer lab.
We still had some rough moments, especially in the afternoon.

Friday was a little better still.
It was Friday.
There was enough Spanish spoken for the kids to earn their reward.
They tattled a little less.
My team teacher sent one to the office right before he would have been in my room.
Lots of students got dismissed early.
It was Friday.

Today is fantastic.
It's Saturday, and I'm hanging out with the Peanut.

Monday, October 14, 2013

i am...

disappointed that sweet hubby doesn't start his second job today, as originally planned, but next week....that's one more week without the little extra to help get us back into the black...but also pleased that sweet hubby is going to be working more so that i can continue maternity leave for these next four weeks

in disbelief that i return to school in less than four weeks. (also: sad about it. but trying not to dwell on it....trying to focus on re-learning how to wake up at 5 a.m. and stay alert for the rest of the day without napping before 4 p.m., and teach a baby to go start a long sleep before 12 p.m....ha!)

listening for Peanut to wake up from her nap

planning to help mama pack up more of my grandma's things later this afternoon

able to button my pants, for the first time since december!

expecting a little bit of fabric fun to come in the mail in the next few days -- wet bag for the diaper pail, and maybe (hopefully!) a couple of new diapers for the Peanut, if there is enough fabric left over and i can figure out how to sew them without wanting to break the sewing machine

waiting for the diaper laundry to dry

reading and enjoying the "No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency" series (while feeding the Peanut)

SOOO excited to have talked the family into a beach weekend

worried about my mama -- she's been having chest pain and shortness of breath, and failed her EKG stress test on Monday she'll have a heart cath done, and we'll know more after that....but until then, it's lots of prayer (and probably after, too)

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

i am...

feeling a little calmer about finances (at the moment, but probably not long term)

listening to the birds chirp outside

snuggled in my pjs -- flannel and a sweatshirt! Oh, my, fall has arrived!

getting SO close to cleaning off the bookcase in the living room

also close to pulling the boxes of my pre-pregnancy clothes down to find some warmer clothes that fit me now that the baby is born

excited to take Peanut to supper with my hallway team from last year

still avoiding thinking about going back to school -- even though more than half of my maternity leave is already over (boooooo)

thankful that sweet hubby is trying hard to work with a menu for the week and a small, small grocery budget

hearing dinosaur noises coming from the baby's room -- she must be stirring from her nap

blessed beyond measure to have my parents close by to keep the baby when sweet hubby and i want to take a trip to target (returns, then groceries...we returned more than we bought yesterday, which felt like a win!)

planning to return to yoga class for the first time post-birth tomorrow -- and hoping that my body doesn't simply fall apart from it after such a long break (and the birth of a baby!)

going to get that Peanut now!