Saturday, November 16, 2013

hi ho, hi ho...

It's back to work I go.

I started back on Tuesday. It was rough.
The kids have the attention span of a gnat.
They talk a lot.
They tattle.
They whine.

They also give hugs all day long, which is pretty sweet.

Wednesday was rougher.
I was already tired.
I wanted to play with my baby girl.
I didn't want to fight for the attention of my students.
I hate school fundraiser assemblies.
I didn't want anyone else to ask me whether I was glad to be back. (No.)

Thursday was a little better.
My students and I started working on a plan to get them speaking Spanish in the classroom.
We moved forward a tiny bit in math.
We (finally) went to the computer lab.
We still had some rough moments, especially in the afternoon.

Friday was a little better still.
It was Friday.
There was enough Spanish spoken for the kids to earn their reward.
They tattled a little less.
My team teacher sent one to the office right before he would have been in my room.
Lots of students got dismissed early.
It was Friday.

Today is fantastic.
It's Saturday, and I'm hanging out with the Peanut.