Sunday, August 19, 2012

I am....

listening to sweet hubby play "rhythm heaven fever" on the wii.

excited for students to come back to school on Wednesday!

a little bit sad that i will have to start getting up at 5:30 a.m. again.

watching the silly kitty nap.

happy that my best friends are back in town (and me too!) for a while.

looking forward to labor day.

glad i ran with my sister today, just before it started raining, because it was way too gray to want to run by myself.

gearing up for a long day of working in my classroom and then staying late to meet the parents at school tomorrow.

thankful that the university church started back up's crazy how much more i connect to God there than at my morning church.

still praying for the MacGregor family.
(That's my travel buddy.)

Monday, August 13, 2012

I am...

finally registered for an August race -- the 25th. Too bad August doesn't have 32 days, because I'd rather have found a race another week away. I've only been "running" twice since the 1/2 marathon in July....And that was a month ago.

searching for the motivation to get out of bed and onto the road -- running. only two weeks (less than, really) before the next race!

not giving up on my new year's resolution -- it's there to help me stay fit, not to help me be a super fast runner.

grumpy that I'm not at the beach anymore.

excited to go back to work on Wednesday, especially after a quick trip to my classroom this morning.

thankful that sweet hubby voluntarily helped me set up my classroom this morning, doing all the heavy lifting.

a little bit disappointed with the colors target is using for their college dorm storage stuff -- I was hoping for some nice, new, shiny, pink containers for my classroom....but their "pink" is a bright coral, and not a color that will coordinate with what I've already got.

a little bit glad that I didn't like the colors at target....because my wallet is definitely happier without new containers, even if my classroom would have liked them...

excited to see two of my best friends this Friday for movie night -- One of them, I haven't seen since MAY. Way too long! (I had supper with the other one tonight, and had seen her briefly twice since returning from Chile, too!)

wishing I had some new J-41s to start the school year with, but really think I have enough shoes in my closet to make buying them ridiculous.

relieved that my dad realized my mom was right after my cousins crashed the last few days of our beach vacation and didn't actually spend any time with my grandma, after all, even though that was supposedly the motivation for bringing my grandma to the beach earlier than planned. (I had NEVER seen my parents fight like they did over that least my dad can admit it when he makes a mistake!)

not looking forward to the massive unpacking/straightening up/laundry/rearranging/putting away that tomorrow is promising....we left all of our mess from Chile at the house to go on to the beach, and now we have added the beach stuff to the pile....YIKES.

thankful that sweet hubby went to the grocery store today, so I didn't have to!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

chile, in fotos

Just a few highlights....

And I'm missing several pictures from other people's cameras, too!