Tuesday, June 21, 2011

so, I didn't make a baby blanket....

Like I was supposed to....for my dear friend who is about to have a sweet little boy in September (I'm trying to get ahead -- I'm horrible at on-time baby gifts!)....but I took the birdie fabric from the collection of baby-boy-blanket materials.

So I started with these two fabrics -- a green paisley chosen on purpose for making a shirt, and the blue birdies that were really intended for the baby blanket.

And I had bought this pattern back in February or March, thinking about using elements of it with a different fabric.

It took a while to cut out all the pattern pieces, then to lay them out and cut them a second time with the fabric. That was as far as I got on day 1. Day 1 was Sunday night. I was watching the Gamecocks not score and not score and not score until the bottom of the ninth. It was pretty intense. I was glad to have the distraction of cutting the pattern pieces.

Day 2, Monday, I started putting the pieces together. And I got as far as wanting to put the zipper in, when I realized that it really did need something between the two fabrics to tie them together. And to cover up a funny looking gather under the bust.

So instead of going to walmart to pick up some ribbon or something, I put on a bathing suit and sat on the dock for a few hours. I took a dip in the waterway and read a book. I peeled some peaches and did some laundry. I did not go to the store.

Day 3, I decided to head to the store first thing. This is more of a challenge than it should be, since at home there are multiple fabric and craft stores within 20 minutes of my house, while here at the beach, there are not. The nearest Joann's is about an hour away. And I don't have the GPS here, either -- it was not going to be pretty. I don't love shopping at walmart's fabric section, either, because the quality always seems to be off. On the drive down to the beach, I had noticed a sign for a quilt shop about 30 minutes away....So I decided to give it a try.

It was great. It was a small shop, obviously locally owned, and though the owner didn't seem to have much as far as "trim" goes -- no ric-rac or ribbon -- the quilt fabric with its small print in many different colors was easy to match with my green and blue. Plus, I love supporting local businesses -- and at the beach, within 30 minutes of the house can count as local.

So I came home and did some laundry -- must pre-shrink the cotton, you know -- and then I started sewing. I think I watched 15 episodes of "Say Yes to the Dress" while I was working.

I had a few set-backs with the zipper. I took it back off at least three times before it was satisfactorily lined up. And my machine started having tension issues again -- I think it just doesn't like to be used so much.

But here it is -- the final product. A little tight getting on and off, but I think it looks nice on. And even if it doesn't, I plan to wear it anyway. Because I made it. And I like wearing things I've made. So there.

And here's one more that didn't work quite the way I intended....but was funny enough to make me laugh!

It's tuesday.

And tomorrow morning I fly to NYC to visit roommate. I'm ecxited and overwhelmed. I am trying to figure out the packing situation, so that i don't have to pay the fee for a carry on or checked bag, since the airline i'm flying is sneaky and only allows a personal item free of charge.

What do you think?

It's ny in the summertime. It should be warm enough for me to get away with wearing either a skirt or shorts, right?

And no one will notice if i'm dressed sort of inappropriately for everything, right?

I have this bag that looks like a giant purse, that if I pack lightly enough will count as a "personal item" and would let me avoid the $60 charge to check a bag for the trip.....

So i'm thinking wear a denim skirt on the plane with a nice t-shirt.
Pack another two t-shirts. Pack a black knit dress. Wear nice sandals, pack comfy flip flops. Add underwear, pjs, and toiletries, and I should be good to go, as far as clothing is concerned.

Will I be totally underdressed for everything I want to do? I don't know.

What do people wear these days to see a broadway show? To play at governor's island on a Saturday? To hear ozomatli in the park at nighttime?

I'm hoping for a casual look that will be multi-purpose and surprise me with appropriateness.

Any suggestions?

Friday, June 17, 2011

On Wednesday....

Because apparently i've gone crazy...

I'm going to new York!


This summer seems to be marking a return to my former nomadic days....

I've been to Maine, the beach, going to NY, the beach, then Scotland this summer.... It reminds me of when in was 15, obviously jot married, and all over the place. Most peole I tell about the Scotland trip can't believe i've been there before, let alone lived there long enough to work at starbucks and be going back to stay with some former roommates.

What a memorable summer!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

i am...

curled up on the couch with a sweet kitty sort of sleeping on me...sort of making it really hard to type.

surprised that I noticed this is post number 100 -- I think it has been almost a year since I started this blog.

so excited to go back to the beach tomorrow afternoon, and to see my sweet college friend and her baby girl (ok, toddler girl...) for a few days.

feeling overwhelmed with all the RISC stuff I've learned in the past three days, and hoping that I will actually look at some of it over the summer and plan well for the beginning of next school year.

enjoying a little bit of time at home without sweet hubby.

looking forward to yoga tonight with my mama.

sad that sweet hubby won't be traveling with me to Scotland this summer, since he failed that class and will be re-taking it this summer.

happy that I accidentally invited a friend to travel with us to Scotland this summer, so I won't be traveling alone.

thinking I might want an ipad, because I love to play bejeweled.

wishing that there was a yogen-fruz close to my house.

agreeing that it would probably be bad news for my waistline if there were a yogen-fruz near my house.

pretty sore from running yesterday afternoon.

glad to be getting back into the habit/routine of running.

certain that the dishwasher will unload itself if I leave it alone long enough. Or not.

happy to be on the cusp of disengaging entirely from the world of school for a few weeks, and not taking any grad classes this summer for the first time in several years!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

a surprise in my mailbox....

My school mailbox. It said, "project fully funded!"

And I gasped in surprise.

Oh, me of little faith.
Have you heard of donor's choose? It was presented to us at a faculty meeting in the winter. I was pretty skeptical.

Even though I was skeptical, I posted a project. And a picture of two of my rascals. And requested some materials.

I was thinking small. Smaller is easier, I think, at least to get started. And if it is smaller, and doesn't materialize, that will be ok.

But then, today?

Today, I checked my school email. Along with follow-up stuff from our trip to Maine, information about RISC training next week, and a few emails about immersion stuff, was an email from donors choose.

How awesome is it that random people who have never met me or my students and in some cases are not even remotely related to my school, me, or my students are buying pots for my students to plant seeds in?
How awesome is it that random people are sending me bags of dirt to fill those pots with?
How awesome is it that they are sending me the seeds we need, too, to see a variety of different types of plants come to life?

Because I think it is pretty awesome.

If you have a couple bucks and want to make a teacher happy this summer, check out donors choose.

They aren't paying me to say this. I'm just so excited that my own little project got funded, that I thought I would spread the good news. After I finish my happy dance.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


I am in Maine for a few more hours, looking at some pretty cool little schools that are doing RISC.

I am using an iPad, and starting to like it a little bit, even though the typing is a little jacked up.

I am waiting for a friend to go down to breakfast with me.

I am dreading the flight home because of a sinus infection.

I am dressed and ready to go before seven, even though school is out.

I am looking forward to going to the beach tomorrow.

I am happy the girls are going with me for a few days.

I am missing sweet hubby, but glad he's gotten to go to a few baseball games.

I am on my way out the door.

Friday, June 3, 2011

every day....five minute friday

Every day....
I wake up at 5:30. Even if it is just for a minute, I'm awake when that alarm clock should be going off. Until the summer months kick in, at least. Saturday, Sunday, and every day that I should be up....My eyes open and my hand reaches for that little travel clock that has been telling me when to get up for the last 7 years.

Every day, I listen to NPR on the way to school. Every day, I wish it were Friday so that I could listen to Story Corp, my favorite NPR special....It only takes about 30 seconds every Friday morning at 6:25, but it is the best part of the radio. It makes me tear up on the interstate at least once every two weeks. More often than not, every week.

Every day, I ask God to give me "wisdom" to deal with the crazy kids in my classroom. "Wisdom", not patience, because I don't want to be tested any more than necessary.

Every day, I cross of on my calendar the day before. One closer to the goal. One closer to summer, and seemingly endless beach time. But every day, that beach time seems to get shorter and shorter, too.

Every day, I think about what I could have done better. That list never seems to get shorter. How come that can't change places with beach time? Wouldn't that be better....

Everyday, from today until August 9, I will try my hardest to sleep a little later.

And that's 5 minutes. Joining up at the gypsy mama.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

just so you know....

tomorrow is the last day of school with students for this school year.

I *might* be throwing a party to celebrate surviving my crazy kids this year on Saturday.

After the last teacher work day, and directing a wedding, and packing for a school trip (just teachers and principals -- no students) on Sunday.