Friday, June 3, 2011

every day....five minute friday

Every day....
I wake up at 5:30. Even if it is just for a minute, I'm awake when that alarm clock should be going off. Until the summer months kick in, at least. Saturday, Sunday, and every day that I should be up....My eyes open and my hand reaches for that little travel clock that has been telling me when to get up for the last 7 years.

Every day, I listen to NPR on the way to school. Every day, I wish it were Friday so that I could listen to Story Corp, my favorite NPR special....It only takes about 30 seconds every Friday morning at 6:25, but it is the best part of the radio. It makes me tear up on the interstate at least once every two weeks. More often than not, every week.

Every day, I ask God to give me "wisdom" to deal with the crazy kids in my classroom. "Wisdom", not patience, because I don't want to be tested any more than necessary.

Every day, I cross of on my calendar the day before. One closer to the goal. One closer to summer, and seemingly endless beach time. But every day, that beach time seems to get shorter and shorter, too.

Every day, I think about what I could have done better. That list never seems to get shorter. How come that can't change places with beach time? Wouldn't that be better....

Everyday, from today until August 9, I will try my hardest to sleep a little later.

And that's 5 minutes. Joining up at the gypsy mama.

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