Sunday, June 12, 2011

a surprise in my mailbox....

My school mailbox. It said, "project fully funded!"

And I gasped in surprise.

Oh, me of little faith.
Have you heard of donor's choose? It was presented to us at a faculty meeting in the winter. I was pretty skeptical.

Even though I was skeptical, I posted a project. And a picture of two of my rascals. And requested some materials.

I was thinking small. Smaller is easier, I think, at least to get started. And if it is smaller, and doesn't materialize, that will be ok.

But then, today?

Today, I checked my school email. Along with follow-up stuff from our trip to Maine, information about RISC training next week, and a few emails about immersion stuff, was an email from donors choose.

How awesome is it that random people who have never met me or my students and in some cases are not even remotely related to my school, me, or my students are buying pots for my students to plant seeds in?
How awesome is it that random people are sending me bags of dirt to fill those pots with?
How awesome is it that they are sending me the seeds we need, too, to see a variety of different types of plants come to life?

Because I think it is pretty awesome.

If you have a couple bucks and want to make a teacher happy this summer, check out donors choose.

They aren't paying me to say this. I'm just so excited that my own little project got funded, that I thought I would spread the good news. After I finish my happy dance.

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