Wednesday, June 15, 2011

i am...

curled up on the couch with a sweet kitty sort of sleeping on me...sort of making it really hard to type.

surprised that I noticed this is post number 100 -- I think it has been almost a year since I started this blog.

so excited to go back to the beach tomorrow afternoon, and to see my sweet college friend and her baby girl (ok, toddler girl...) for a few days.

feeling overwhelmed with all the RISC stuff I've learned in the past three days, and hoping that I will actually look at some of it over the summer and plan well for the beginning of next school year.

enjoying a little bit of time at home without sweet hubby.

looking forward to yoga tonight with my mama.

sad that sweet hubby won't be traveling with me to Scotland this summer, since he failed that class and will be re-taking it this summer.

happy that I accidentally invited a friend to travel with us to Scotland this summer, so I won't be traveling alone.

thinking I might want an ipad, because I love to play bejeweled.

wishing that there was a yogen-fruz close to my house.

agreeing that it would probably be bad news for my waistline if there were a yogen-fruz near my house.

pretty sore from running yesterday afternoon.

glad to be getting back into the habit/routine of running.

certain that the dishwasher will unload itself if I leave it alone long enough. Or not.

happy to be on the cusp of disengaging entirely from the world of school for a few weeks, and not taking any grad classes this summer for the first time in several years!

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