Tuesday, January 24, 2012

I am...

exhausted. having a student teacher in the room makes the kids a little crazy. And he has lots of questions about things I haven't been thinking about lately.

hopeful that the cat won't wake me up at 2 am again. or 3 am. or 4am.

proud to be 1/12 of the way through the new year's goal of 2012. My running buddy and I finished our first 5K of the year on Saturday, in 34 minutes -- we are both very happy with that result.

feeling behind in all things school related. I'm not sure how to make this better without staying late for several days in a row. Which I don't love doing, but I also don't love the feeling of being behind on things that I'm supposed to be caught up on.

looking forward to summer, and visiting sweet hubby's family. 3 years is a long time not to set eyes on the in-laws. I'm sure other people would count that as a blessing, but I don't. 3 years is a just a long time away.

missing dancing. I wish I could find a studio in town that offers adult ballet or contemporary classes that are not geared towards extreme beginners nor professionals. I'm neither, and I also don't want to try a class full of skinny, gorgeous, ambitious high school students. I just want to dance for fun, fitness, myself.

surprised by how quickly each week goes by. it's already time for yoga again tomorrow? how did this happen?

trying to convince myself not to eat the little debbie christmas tree cakes that are in the pantry, while watching the biggest loser. Something about that combination just seems incredibly wrong. but it might still happen.

happy to be spending the coming weekend on a church retreat, and hopeful that the gas griddle won't shoot another fireball at me. I quite like having my eyelashes and eyebrows and all that hair around my face...it took long enough to grow back, last time.

sad not to be at the beach. the weekend spent with running buddy was so relaxing, it was hard to come home. Especially hard, since there is currently not another beach trip on the calendar.

considering, very seriously, going to bed at 8:30. An extra hour of sleep could potentially turn me into a nice teacher again for tomorrow, right?

Friday, January 13, 2012

five minute friday

Linking up for Five Minute Friday hosted by the gypsy mama.

It's Friday morning, there is no school today, and I am wide awake. I have been since about 20 minutes after my alarm usually goes off.

I grabbed the cat, shoved her under the covers, and told sweet hubby "Merry Christmas". He wasn't very amused, starting scratching my head to get me to go back to sleep...but I am awake.

Awake, and awakening, and growing in awareness. Last weekend was a wake-up call to me. We had a couple of friends over to watch movies on Saturday night, and by Sunday, sweet hubby and I were not on speaking terms.

When we finally spoke again, late on Tuesday, I said painful words to sweet hubby....
If you are the person who was in my living room on Saturday night, then I don't want to know you.

--I'm not.--

Then you will have to show me.

And so we are both awakening to the task of rediscovering how to be good to one another, kind, respectful, building one another up as we relearn how to love one another the way we used to.



Reaching and stretching towards the day, embracing the challenge.

On a totally unrelated note, if you'd like to support my classroom....or any classroom....check out donors choose!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

i am...

hungry. Hubby is cooking supper.

tired and sore -- oh, yoga, you double edged sword.

eager to see how this student-teacher-mentor thing will work out, starting tomorrow morning.

hoping to get a teacher-esque desk for said student-teacher.

a little bit disappointed that hubby seems to be opting for *not* singing in the opera at school this semester, even though he was the directors top pick for the one remaining tenor spot.

glad that hubby is actually thinking about the time commitment that singing in the opera would mean and how it might affect his abilities to both be healthy (eating regularly and exercising, which is a new addition to his schedule) and keep up with his schoolwork.

hopeful that hubby will pass all of his classes and not have to skip this summer's big trip to Chile -- like he had to miss last summer's big trip to Scotland.

bummed about giving up going to the beach on the long weekend to do student-teacher-mentor-training on Saturday.

excited to go to the beach the next weekend to run in the first of this years 12 5Ks -- I've officially decided that a race a month is my goal for 2012. Hopefully most of them will be charity fundraisers, although this first one, I'm fairly certain, is not -- it simply was a race that fit into the January craziness.

apprehensive about finding two birthday gifts for my sister and brother before the 19th -- ack!

excited, excited, excited that tomorrow is a student half day.

loving the peach walls of my bedroom and the new chest of drawers that Santa and my grandma gave me for Christmas.

hungry. did I mention that? It's been 9 hours since my last meal. Maybe I should learn healthy snacking habits, and re-stock my school snack supply. Then I could eat lunch at the normal 10:45 and have second-lunch at 3:00, then not be ravenous before supper at 8.

I think supper is ready! Yay!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

back to school

We went back to school today. No "teacher work days" for us -- just a straight up return with students.

It made for a sleepy morning -- both for me, and for my students.

It was cold today, too -- I used my new "Chile-proof" jacket during recess duty, and was glad to have it. I am still a little sad that it's not an Omni-Heat Electric -- but who has $750 to spend on an electric jacket? (If you want to gift me with one, I won't refuse your gift....I'd love to have an electric, self-heating, battery operated jacket....).

My second group of students were rowdy, as usual -- no leftover vacation sleepiness by the time they got to me.

It was hard to come home from the beach yesterday afternoon, but I suppose it had to be done. It was great to spend the end of 2011, and the very beginning of 2012, relaxing with sweet hubby and a group of friends. Being at the beach is one of my favorite things.

I'm looking forward to only three more days of school this week, and then looking forward to the long weekend....We have three short school weeks in a row. Strange, but I think I'm happy about it.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

it's a new year!

2011 brought with it some real highs and lows.
I'm sure 2012 will do the same.
At any rate, it's beginning in the best way possible, with sweet hubby, my sister, and some of her friends at the beach.
This also means that I have successfully kept a resolution!
I made a trip to the beach every month in 2011!

I'm still on the fence about whether 2012 will bring a 5k or more each month, mostly because of the financial commitment...but it would definitely help me get more consistent with running.

Our I could just commit to monthly beach trips again...it feels like cheating to do the same thing again, though.

Have you made resolutions?