Wednesday, January 11, 2012

i am...

hungry. Hubby is cooking supper.

tired and sore -- oh, yoga, you double edged sword.

eager to see how this student-teacher-mentor thing will work out, starting tomorrow morning.

hoping to get a teacher-esque desk for said student-teacher.

a little bit disappointed that hubby seems to be opting for *not* singing in the opera at school this semester, even though he was the directors top pick for the one remaining tenor spot.

glad that hubby is actually thinking about the time commitment that singing in the opera would mean and how it might affect his abilities to both be healthy (eating regularly and exercising, which is a new addition to his schedule) and keep up with his schoolwork.

hopeful that hubby will pass all of his classes and not have to skip this summer's big trip to Chile -- like he had to miss last summer's big trip to Scotland.

bummed about giving up going to the beach on the long weekend to do student-teacher-mentor-training on Saturday.

excited to go to the beach the next weekend to run in the first of this years 12 5Ks -- I've officially decided that a race a month is my goal for 2012. Hopefully most of them will be charity fundraisers, although this first one, I'm fairly certain, is not -- it simply was a race that fit into the January craziness.

apprehensive about finding two birthday gifts for my sister and brother before the 19th -- ack!

excited, excited, excited that tomorrow is a student half day.

loving the peach walls of my bedroom and the new chest of drawers that Santa and my grandma gave me for Christmas.

hungry. did I mention that? It's been 9 hours since my last meal. Maybe I should learn healthy snacking habits, and re-stock my school snack supply. Then I could eat lunch at the normal 10:45 and have second-lunch at 3:00, then not be ravenous before supper at 8.

I think supper is ready! Yay!

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