Friday, July 30, 2010

Surprise, surprise!

Most of the time, I'm not a huge fan of surprises. That's usually when they are directed at me, and involve things like failed classes or forgotten laundry or extra meetings, and things like that....

I am a huge fan, however, of planning surprises for my husband.

Like a three night stay at a B&B in Virginia. For his birthday. When my cousin was bringing guests to stay at the beach, and he wanted to go away.

He thought we were just heading back to Columbia, kicked out of the beach house, and that I had finally relented and agreed to go with him, rather than sticking it out at the beach with the cuz and her guests.

When I asked about taking his camera "home" with us, he wanted to know why. Oh, I said, we never take pictures of the two of us; I thought it might be fun to take some while we are home.

When I suggested he take more nice clothes "home," he wanted to know why. Well, if we are taking pictures, I want to make sure you look nice.

I snagged his toothbrush while he fixed a bottle of water for the road -- no need to pack one for home, since we keep one at home anyway....

And I convinced him that it was my turn to drive the backroads stretch of the trip home....

Only I went the wrong direction, on purpose. He was immediately suspicious. And he started guessing. Are we going to Wilmington? No.

Are we going to Silver Coast? No.

Are we going to the beach? No.

Where are we going? I don't know, with a sweet secretive smile....

Are we going to New York? No.

Are we going to DC? No.

Where are we going????

We're going to Virginia.


At this point I handed him the directions I had printed out the night before, for the off chance that I would need to sneak a look if he hadn't figured it out and set the GPS for me.

We spent three nights in Onancock, on the Eastern Shore, which I had never even heard of before my google search suggested the Colonial Manor Inn might have a room available....

Surprise vacation? check.

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