Friday, July 16, 2010

Weekend, already?

Why do the days fly by when one is on vacation? It is so unfair.

My mom and sister are on their way down to the beach, and my dad will bring my grandma tonight, and we'll have a small crowd for a couple of days. Rayen will be stuck in the bedroom, we've vacuumed and cleaned the kitchen, and we've been straightening up the rest of the house too -- even though most of the mess was made by the whole family together less than two weeks ago. Free place to stay, on the water? I'll take it.

Esposito and I went to Waites Island yesterday afternoon (and the afternoon before that) even though it takes a good 20-30 minutes to get there. We stopped for ice cream on the way, in to-go cups with lids, stuck into the cooler. When we got to the beach, we climbed up on the old dressing-room tower, and sat there, looking out over the dunes onto the completely unoccupied beach. There is nothing better. What a blessing -- no time commitments, no hurry, just me and my hubby and some ice cream and a view that takes my breath away....

After the ice cream, we walked down towards Cherry Grove. It was low tide, and we waded out a little to see how deep the crossing was. At low tide, not very deep. It may be headed towards the same fate as Bird Island -- completely joined with Sunset Beach, these days, due to the whole process of sand shifting over time. I remember about 15 years ago that my dad read a book called The Beaches are Moving. About how private ownership and insurance protection for land that was never designed to be privately owned really just don't work out so well....It is a sad concept, but true. The beaches move, and shift, and change, and the structural crap that we humans do to them really don't have much to do with preserving the true nature of the beaches, but with finding ways to exploit them....

Anyway. The beaches are moving, and it seems that the inlet between Cherry Grove and Waites Island might be closing in. In which case, development of Waites Island might be a sooner possibility than I would like to think, although I'm pretty sure there are a few family members who would fight that pretty hard.

We enjoyed our walk, although we didn't find any sand dollars today (we only found one the day before). Now we're getting ready for the family for the weekend. Then four days of school stuff, then friends at the beach, then more guests, more guests, and moving home.

Summer will be over before I'm ready.

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  1. stopping for ice cream always makes a trip more fun! our summer is flying by much to quickly, too. enjoy yours!!