Saturday, December 29, 2012

2012 New Year's Goal

I was supposed to participate in a race today, since I was recovering from a cold during the race on Dec. 8 that I had originally planned to count as my December race.

When the alarm went off this morning and I made it into the kitchen for some breakfast, I noticed that it was pouring. Not just a little sprinkling of rain, but water coming down so fast and hard that I couldn't see the marsh in front of the house, and when I opened the porch for it sounded like a waterfall.

Sweet hubby and I decided that it should count anyway, even though we went back to bed.

I tried, twice, to participate in a race in December. December is not a month when many races are available in my area, since most people don't want to run in the cold and are busy with other holiday stuff, too.

I cheered hard and loud at the race on Dec.8, even though I was getting over two days of not being able to talk well enough to teach new material at school.

Even though we decided not to participate this morning, because of the cold and downpour, I'm going to count my 2012 resolution to run a race a month as a success. the final did keep me motivated to keep running and training between races, which meant that overall, I was more physically active in 2012 than I had been the year before, and that was the real point of the race-per-month goal.

Here is a quick review:
January: Cold Winter's Day
February: Race for the Place
March: Special Olympics and Cooper River Bridge
April: Heart and Sole/Girls on the Run
May: Get in the Pink
June: Fresh Fest
July: Media Maratón Valle del Elqui
August: Run Wild
September: Brunswick Family Assistance
October: Color Me Rad
November: Turkey Trot
December: Girls on the Run/Race into the New Year

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