Sunday, August 7, 2011

I am...

sitting next to the sweetest kitty, who wakes me up super early in the morning by purring in my ear.

updating my calendar for the beginning of the school year, beginning of MSN, weddings, and life in general.

feeling overwhelmed at the amount of conflicts I already have on my calendar for the rest of August.

missing sweet hubby, who left for music camp today, after only seeing him 2.5 days, and all of it jet lagged.

feeling like it is super late, even though it is only 9:24, and thinking that I should be over this jet lag business by now.

wishing that there was a castle I could see from any point of my run.

scared to run in the 100 degree heat, so quickly getting out of shape as I eat cheesecake for supper.

excited to go shopping with my mama and sister tomorrow, and hopeful that I'll find some black shirts appropriate for school, since I shrunk my last one in the dryer yesterday by accident.

happy that roommate is coming to stay with me for a few days while she moved into her new place after her summer adventures.

not looking forward to cleaning the cat hair off of everything sweet hubby missed (particularly the curtains).

delighted that I get to pick up some pictures from my trip and my mama's camera tomorrow to frame for my house and for school.

sad that I'm barely on vacation anymore.

sad that I'm not at the beach.

sad that sweet hubby isn't home.

happy that we are so blessed that we can take vacations, go to the beach, and be home together at all, anytime.

wishing, just wishing, that we had castles here.

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