Saturday, August 13, 2011

My life is a joke.

One day up, the next day down. What a roller coaster. If it wasn't for real, I'd think I was making it up.

My first day back at school (without students) was Wednesday. Wednesday is the day my water heater decided not to heat the water any more. Wednesday is also the day roommate arrived to spend some time at my house before she moves into her new house tomorrow.

Did you catch that? The amazing combination of three factors that make my life somehow so much more complicated that it needs to be?

I can handle returning to school just fine. On its own.

I can handle a couple of days of cold showers. On their own.

I love having roommate stay at my house, but am less productive with her around.

Thursday morning, I was selected to be part of a small group presenting about the trip we took to Maine in May. And I spent almost all day at school, on Thursday, preparing for the presentation, rather than preparing for the upcoming school year.

Since I was at school all day Wednesday, I couldn't really do anything about the water heater.
I couldn't do much about it on Thursday, either.

Thursday night I went to lowe's. Their one tankless water heater was simply uninspiring. Sweet hubby, who is in California for another week, told me that home depot has more selection.

Friday, after school, I rushed to home depot.

They only had one tankless water heater, also. But they did have people asking if I needed help, which is better than lowes this time around.

They told me they would have to get my information and pass it on to the people who handle tankless water heater installation.

The people called and quoted me a price of twice what the water heater costs for its installation. But the guy who does the installation didn't call, like the other guy said he would on the phone.

Roommate helped me check on the water heater. The pilot light keeps going out. It occurred to me that the gas line is just under the kitchen window. You know, the one the burglar climbed through when my house was broken into a month ago? Who walked down the street with our tv under his arm? Yeah, that one.

He apparently stepped all over the gas lines and gas meter to get into the window. In the process, he managed to close the gas line valve, so hardly any gas has been moving into the water heater or the stove (but we've cooked so infrequently this summer we hadn't totally noticed). The gas line guy told me that there is no leak, but if the pilot light won't stay lit, it is a water heater problem rather than gas flow problem.

It's twelve hours after lighting the pilot light again, and there is some lukewarm water now. No hot water. I'm very doubtful that the pilot is still on at this point. We've already re-lit it four times in the past two days.

So it's the weekend, I have a random big presentation to make on Monday at school, parent orientation Monday night, and no hot water to shower in. Hot water is extremely important to me when I shower. Just ask sweet hubby, who has had to boil water for me in an electric kettle before, in other instances when other sources of hot water have not been available. Expecting to have hot water is such a mixed blessing.

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  1. I have lived without hot showers several times in Guatemala, and for the first two months of married life. It is so not fun - I feel your pain!