Tuesday, August 30, 2011

decisions, decisions

I made some great decisions today.

I also made some not-so-great decisions today.

I decided to move the desks around in my classroom. Good decision.
I got frustrated with my kids for talking instead of listening to directions. Not-so-great.

I decided to go home "early" from school. Good decision.
I decided not to worry about what I'm teaching in math tomorrow, and so have very few plans. Not-so-clever.

I decided to skip car-rider duty since I had no planning time today, recess duty, and zero breaks from my students. Fantastic.
I used that time to check facebook. Dumb.

I decided to go to Bible study tonight. Excellent.
I decided to go for a run today, but have zero motivation. Not-so-great.

I decided to go to the beach the weekend after labor day with sweet hubby, just the two of us. Super-super-excited.
I decided we won't be acting as leaders for the university church we are leaders at on their retreat that same weekend. Feeling guilty.

I decided to get off my rear and do something active....starting now.

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