Thursday, November 4, 2010

two mondays

Two Mondays is way too many Mondays in one week. I guess that technically, there was only one Monday this week, and will only be one Friday, too, but the first Monday this week felt like a whole week in and of itself.

Monday was the day after Halloween and the day before election day. For most people, this simply means that Monday was the day after handing out candy to cute kids dressed up in crazy costumes, and the day before trying to remember to vote. For me, it was the day after my students stayed up late eating ridiculous amounts of sugar and the day before a day off of school.

Monday was full of Monday behavior. And Friday behavior. And between the two, I managed to send two kids to the office before 8:30, and another in the afternoon, and one of the 2 I had send in the morning got sent back to the office in the afternoon by his other teacher. Four office visits in one day? Not a normal Monday. Four office visits in a week? Now that would seem like a normal week, with the type of behavior the kids this year display.

So after Monday, I was a week's worth of tired. Thank goodness Tuesday was a Saturday. I mean, voting day. I slept 4 hours later than a school day, watched some t.v., had a nice head scratch from my hubby, went to vote, had lunch with my hubby, mama, and brother, spent the afternoon bargain shopping, went for a run with my girls, and did a lot of relaxing.

Just in time to repeat Monday on Wednesday. Kids behavior gone haywire. More office visits and general craziness. My team teacher was out, so the kids thought they could get away with a lot, even in my room. (I don't think so, guys. I'm still your normal teacher, too, and you know how to behave in my classroom.)

Thank goodness today was just a normal Thursday. And tomorrow will be just a normal Friday. And then, thank goodness, it is Saturday, and Sunday, and then even though it will be Monday again, it will be a normal Monday. Hopefully without a full week's worth of drama.

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