Saturday, November 27, 2010

ah, beach.

Why, o why, is it always so long in between beach visits?

This place, how it restores my soul, my productivity, my good mood. Just to look out the windows and see the water, the sunlight reflecting in, the green of the live oaks, the marsh grass, and way out beyond that, the white of the dunes....

And a week with four Saturdays -- totally beats that week with two Mondays that we had a while ago. I'll take four Saturdays anytime.

Wednesday-Saturday was spent at Target, then baking Thanksgiving cookies with my mama and sister, and shopping with my mama in the afternoon.

Thursday-Saturday was spent with the family -- all of the family -- 43 of us, to be exact, eating and playing and walking the annual walk, and then eating some more, before heading to the beach with sweet hubby.

Friday-Saturday was spent sleeping in, visiting Silver Coast, napping, and, late in the day, shopping -- best way to do black Friday. I got the things that were on my list at a discount, and without having to fight the crowds -- much better than trying to be a door-buster.

Saturday-Saturday is being spent studying, and probably sewing, and maybe going for a run, and probably going to the beach to walk barefoot in the sand. That sounds like an excellent plan for today.

And Sunday will be spent sleeping in, sewing, studying, maybe even Silver Coasting, and then driving home. Boo. No one wants to leave the beach.

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