Saturday, September 10, 2011

five minute friday

In real life.... linking up at the gypsy mama.

In real life, I'd rather sit on the couch all day. But not everyday. Some days, I'd rather have free time and motivation and a project in front of me.

But I'd rather not have a project that makes me jealous.

In real life, the hardest projects for me to finish are the baby presents for my best friends, all entering the next stage of life without me.
In real life, it is pretty dang hard to get upset for others about the poor timing of getting pregnant when they get that sweet reward at the end of it, then try to suggest that it's my turn next. What do they think? That they get to play God? That I don't pray every day to be ok with the timing of whatever blessing is bestowed upon me, whether I can get pregnant or not? Do they really think that I don't want a family? That always answering "We have a cat" is really so funny that I think I need to keep doing it?

In real life, there is a ridiculous amount of insensitivity to others, to predicting and requiring and prescribing a personal life that doesn't match up with real life circumstances, real life hopes, real life dreams and frustrations.

In real life, each day seems like just another day filled with uncertainty, not knowing, waiting, hoping, and often disappointment.

In real life, I'm usually content with my two person, one cat family, the kids I teach, and the other people and children who come in and out of my life, weaving their way into my days.

In real life, I'm still praying pretty hard for acceptance and appreciation of whatever God gives me, babies or not.

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  1. Oh sweet one. I have watched a number of friends and family go through this very scenario. But it is true...God has His own timeline, and my friend, it is perfect! That doesn't make the pregnancies around you and the babies being born any easier to handle. I pray that grace and peace are yours in abundance. And I pray God's will and His perfect timing bring that peace to you. real life....