Sunday, September 18, 2011

Public Service Announcement

For all of you who didn't happen to already know, today is a special day. September 18th -- the day that a group of Chileans first got together to form a "junta" to propose independence.

In all of Chile, families and friends are together, spit roasting baby goats or lambs, eating empanadas, drinking chicha, dancing the cueca, and having a fantastic time celebrating the anniversary of the first movements towards independence, which would later be declared on February 12th.

On a personal note, today is one of the days that my sweet hubby feels most homesick -- I think of it as similar to being away from home on Thanksgiving. Please pray for me to be patient, kind, loving, and understanding to him today, even more than most days.

¡Viva Chile!

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  1. We celebrated Mexico and Guatemala's independence this week too. Such fun traditions - I can imagine being homesick. Viva Chile!