Tuesday, July 5, 2011

pink things! (and New York)

Get ready. It's long.

Let's start with some pink things. Because I like them.

These are just a few of the pink things I spotted in New York:

A vase, with an elephant included, at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Pink flowers on the High Line, at night time.

A little girl dressed up for the jazz age lawn party on Governor's Island. Isn't she a treat?

I love pink things!

And I loved my trip to visit New York, and Roommate!

You'll remember that the packing situation was a little interesting -- trying not to pay for a carry-on bag. It worked out. Look at all of these clothes that I took with me! (And look how small that bag is!) (Also, please don't be alarmed by the herd of elephants in the background. The summer I was 18, my grandmother had the room redone with lots of "color", meaning brown, brown, and more brown....the elephants take some getting used to, but definitely block out the light....I can sleep until all hours in that bedroom.)

I folded them carefully and stacked them with care.

Then I added a few toiletries, the iPad, and set my purse on top of it all....And avoided paying the $40 at the gate that the airline was charging some unfortunate people who had forgotten to read the fine print.

And so you can see the real size of that bag, in context with a human being....Here I am with Roommate, and again with my traveling buddy for the upcoming trip to Scotland.

I was in NY from Wednesday until Saturday. It was a full visit. Here's a list:
1. Lunch near Roommate's office
2. Natural History Museum
3. Supper at a taqueria, extremely tasty.
4. Museo del Barrio
1. Metropolitan Museum of Art
2. Lunch
3. Metropolitan Museum of Art
4. Supper with traveling buddy and Roommate
5. Walk in Hudson River Park
6. Walk on the High Line
7. Dessert in Times Square. Yum.
1. Tour of UN
2. Lunch with Roommate (Vietnamese food -- YUM.)
3. The Frick Collection
4. Jimmy's Cheesecake.
5. Drinks. Beginning of baseball game.
6. Mary Poppins! (very entertaining -- lots of fun!)
7. Home just in time to see the bottom of the 13th inning and the gamecocks winning! (this was semifinals).
1. Governor's island Jazz Age Lawn Party. Treats!
2. Airport....back to the beach for family beach week!

It was a busy but fun trip, leading into a busy but fun family beach week. This summer has had some great vacations in it already....

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