Sunday, March 10, 2013

i am...

missing sweet hubby (for another whole week!) while he is in Brazil.

snuggled up with the kitty.

watching a "Dance Academy" marathon (thank you Netflix).

looking at the huge pile of clothes I should be sewing, mocking me from the dining room table

happy about warmer weather, finally!

hoping the time change doesn't throw me off too much.

avoiding folding the clothes in the dryer, and especially putting them away

going to miss my favorite yoga teacher when she moves back to Dallas this summer

not excited about meeting with the parents of two of my discipline problem students next week

glad I got to spend another Saturday running errands with my mama, and have lunch with my siblings, too

thrilled that the local ballet company will be doing a special performance at my school this week

amazed by the extreme quantity of cat hair all over my house

needing a little bit of "get it done" inspiration

showing off my 17 week belly at church this morning in a roomier dress

rearranging and cleaning out my things from the "guest room" so that it can become the baby's room

discovering that I may be a borderline hoarder....must control the urge to keep everything

enjoying having the house to myself for a few days, even though the quiet is a little lonely, and I wish the phone calls were more than 20 seconds of poor quality internet connection

counting down the days until sweet hubby is home!

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