Sunday, March 17, 2013

as usual, i am....

snuggled up with the kitty cat, who is learning to sit on my legs or beside me, instead of on my belly.

thinking about ironing my dress before church

thinking about whether i should go through the box of spring/summer dresses that i put away in the fall to see if any of them fit me now

thinking about whether i'll actually finish pinning the skirt i started hemming yesterday

debating whether the laundry needs to be put away before sweet hubby gets home from brazil this afternoon (probably)

avoiding the pile of dirty dishes in the sink and putting anything else in the kitchen trash so that i don't have to take it out and can leave it for that man of mine who will be home so soon

finished with two whole seasons of "dance academy" after only about a week and a half....all within the time that sweet hubby was away (don't body is still worn out all the time from growing the baby. and i know i will only be more tired when the baby is actually here).

trying to decide whether to keep the genetic counseling appointment scheduled for march 25 or the ultrasound with my regular doctor on april sister has offered to make a polka dot cake with polka dots the color of the sex of the baby for our big family easter celebration if we find out before easter, and april 1 is the day after....but my doctor says i don't *really* need the genetic counseling....

thrilled with the weather this weekend, and especially with lounging in the hammock yesterday afternoon for a snooze

hopeful that we are actually past winter and into spring, and that spring will be a long, pleasant season, rather than a short lead in to an exceptionally hot and long summer

starting to wear more maternity clothes since my belly is poking out a lot more now

convincing myself that all of the "project supplies" i pulled out of the closet yesterday should probably go back in before sweet hubby gets home

probably not going to have time to do all the straightening up and cleaning and ironing if i don't get started NOW.

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