Monday, May 30, 2011


is memorial day.

I'm thankful for the blessings that living in the US brings me. I'm sorry that others had to lay down their lives for me to have this freedom.

We had school today, making up for a day we missed in January. Lots of my kids missed it again today. I had 6 students show up. My partner teacher had 9. We put the groups together and switched off. It's the last week of school -- finally! We did about an hour of ELA, an hour of math, related arts, lots of time in the computer lab, lunch, recess, and watched Horton Hears a Who -- I love Dr. Seuss. Our kids studied him earlier this year and read a lot of his books since our school literacy night was Dr. Seuss themed.

I'm not sure that it was an effective recovery of a day missed in January. You know, since state testing has already come and gone, and we've been finished with 3rd grade standards for a couple weeks now. I've been teaching 4th grade skills for a few weeks. My kids complain "eso es dificíl". Then the smart ones say things like, "si, pero el proximo año va a ser más fácil." My favorite answer for them is "¿Quién te dijo que iba a ser fácil? Obvio que es dificíl." I don't think they appreciate my answer very much.

Sweet hubby and I are trying to plan a beginning of summer cookout for Saturday night. So far we only have 4 confirmed guests. I hope more people want to help me celebrate that this school year is finally over, when it is finally over on Saturday. I'm not counting the trip to Maine that I'm going on with a group from school leaving on Sunday morning. You know, to spend time looking at schools and thinking about what to do differently in my classroom next year. Because I promise I'll be thinking about it all summer. While I'm lying on the dock, reading chick-lit and forgetting my Spanish.

4 more days with students!

It's almost here!

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