Sunday, May 15, 2011

five minute friday

deep breath (story of my weekend).

I took a few of these as I stepped out of the car, into the humid air, smelled the welcome smell...

Bonaparte Kingdom.


With sweet hubby, daddy, mama, grandma, and my brother.

Three more weeks of school, deep breath. Two days of bliss, deep breath. Ocean breeze, deep breath.

Sitting in a room full of family members, no one talking, each absorbed in our own book. Deep breath.

Mama's cooking. Deep breath.

Wind blowing the hammock. Deep breath.

Cold water high tide swim. Deep breath.

Walk on the island with my dad. Deep breath.

Water skiing. Deep breath.

Hosing down the porch, doing laundry, packing up. Deep breath. Three more weeks of school. Deep breath.

A weekend full of deep breaths, to get me through this next week. One of three. Deep breath.

(I'm late, but linking up to the Gypsy Mama's five minute friday.)

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  1. I just got my Five Minute Friday up, too. I am glad to see that you got to take some deep relaxing breaths at the beach this weekend! Here's to making it through the next 3 weeks!