Monday, May 9, 2011

I am



a little nervous.

over state testing.

not celebrating confederate memorial day tomorrow, even though it means that sweet hubby has the day off.

wishing it wasn't going to rain tomorrow, so that we could finish pressure washing the deck and sweet hubby could get the grass mown.

wondering how my good friends are liking their new house, now that they've been there for two whole nights.

thinking about what to wear to school tomorrow, and thinking that I might have to sit on the floor a lot, and that sitting on the floor doesn't go well with skirts, and it might rain, and I have recess duty this week. And it is hot down here.

hoping sweet hubby will go to bed at the same time I do tonight, without electronic devices and will scratch my head until he falls asleep.

tired of sweet hubby failing classes and getting the run around from his college adviser, when I just want him to step up and get on with it already -- five years of undergrad are stretching into a probably eight, at this point....

curious about how sweet hubby is planning to make it right this time, since last year when he failed this class he took lessons over the summer and apparently that wasn't enough.

sad that roommate is still in Korea (and will be for a few more weeks).

counting down the days until school lets out for summer: 19.

listening to sweet hubby talk to my brother on the phone, after family dinner celebrating my dad's 61st birthday.

not sure what to get my mama for mother's day. And yes, I know it was yesterday.

completely unplanned for tomorrow, except for review, review, review for those pesky state tests....

ready for bed. Night night.

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  1. I am so not a fan of state testing! It is irritating to think that so much of teaching has to be done to prepare the students for tests! And then the tests assume that all the students learn and process and test the same way, too! I had some kids that really knew the stuff but just couldn't test! It was awful! I hope it will go well with you and your students!