Sunday, May 1, 2011

This weekend

has been BUSY.

Here's the list:
4:00 Rush home after school Friday to get ready for the wedding
5:30 Go to church. Run around like a crazy woman.
7:00 Direct wedding.
8:00 Run errands with sweet hubby.
9:15 Host movie night with the girls.
11:30 Go to roommate's house. Help her pack up the last of her stuff.

1:00 Finish movie.
2:30 Bed.

5:00 Drive roommate to airport.
8:30 Home, back to bed.
12:00 Errands with sweet hubby.
3:00 Yogen Fruz. Yum.

4:00 Fix shades at grandma's apartment.
5:30 Pressure wash back deck.
7:00 Birthday dinner for a friend.

9:30 Karaoke party of another friend.
11:30 drive other friends home (too much fun!)
12:30 decide to skip dancing.
1:00 Bed.

9:00 Getting ready for church.
11:00 Worship God in community.
12:30 Family day at Grandma's.

2:00 Home
3:00 Pressure wash deck.
5:30 University church and supper
7:30 Leaders meeting
9:00 Bedtime.

Monday will be here too soon.

1 comment:

  1. That is all together too busy! You made me tired just reading it all!