Friday, May 27, 2011

five minute friday

On forgetting

I'm joining in for Five Minute Friday at the Gypsy Mama.

I'm so forgetful, it's ridiculous. I say I'm about to do something, and half a minute later I have already forgotten.

There are other things, though, that are too hard to forget -- things that have hurt, mistakes I've made, things that were altogether too joyful.

How can the everyday moments be so hard to hold on to? I don't really understand it -- but somehow the tiniest little things can slip in to the long term picture while the routines that make my days stable can disappear into the abyss without me so much as noticing that they have vanished.

Today, instead of forgetting, I'd like to remember that when I drove through Pleasant View, I smiled at its name. I'd like to remember that even by myself in the car, I "raaaarrrred" at the lions. I'd like to remember that the most important part was getting down here as fast as I could, but I still slowed down to a crawl for the 45 minute long hail/rain/thunder/lightening storm on my way out of town. I'd like to remember how my team teacher looked at me after school and knew it before the words left my mouth that I wasn't going to stay one minute longer, with the impending doom of black black clouds. I'd like to remember how my kids managed to keep themselves out of trouble during the last half hour of school, even though the rest of their day had been pretty rough. I'd like to remember the sweet feeling of relief that there are only 5 (one hand!) days left of school this year.

And that's five minutes, on turbospeed.

I'm at the beach again this weekend, soaking in the breeze, the smell of the marsh, sitting in a rocking chair on the screened porch and hoping that there are no thunderstorms tomorrow, but lots of sun. I'm breathing this weekend, getting ready for one more week of school. It's sure to be fast paced, stressful, full of antsy kids acting out, packing, and wishing that summer was already here. (I know it will be, soon!)

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  1. Love, love, love the beach. Enjoy your weekend and enjoy the sounds of the waves.
    We are heading to Maine this weekend. I grew up in San Diego and lived in Hawaii for a time....and now the things that are away from the beach, like New England towns, are a novelty, as we are moving soon.