Monday, May 23, 2011

i am...

counting down the days -- 9 of them. School days, that is.

sooooooooooooooooo excited to go to the beach by myself this weekend.

covered in bug spray and deck stain.

late for bedtime.

in disbelief that sweet hubby painted more than I did. He hates to paint.

full of chick-fil-a salad -- I actually ate the whole thing. And scraped the dish clean.

happy it was 100 degrees hot today. Yeah, I might be crazy....but the good kind of crazy.

wondering whether my kids' parents made a deal to have at least one of their poorly behaved devils absent every day until the end of school. One day, when I'm a parent, if my kid is on a behavior plan, I will purposefully save up his absences and give his teacher a break at the end of the year. And maybe right before winter break, too.

feeling a little overwhelmed with how little I've thought about the end of the year and packing up.

looking forward to tacos from the "taco traila" (read with a Spanish accent -- taco try-la) and sitting around a pool tomorrow afternoon.

still happy the wedding I directed had no visible hiccups on Saturday.

reveling in my changing identity and new-found friendships with sweet hubby's work-mates. I'm embracing my inner latina a little bit more each time we hang out with them, and especially as we hosted a pot luck last Thursday, with latin music and a 14 year old who requested salsa music so her papa would ask her to dance with him. She was right -- as soon as he heard the music, he pulled her onto the dance floor.

getting sleepy -- tomorrow will be another long, full, bustling, busy, take it as it comes day....and at the end of it, there will only be 8 more school days to go.

praying for wisdom...Since my partner teacher told me not to pray for patience anymore -- that praying for patience just gives God the go-ahead to test the patience out. I think she is right that I would much rather have wisdom, to handle the crazy shenanigans as they come.

going to bed. Night night!

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