Monday, April 4, 2011

Pink things!

Pink things are lovely.

When they are my pink things, they are even lovelier.


These pink shoes....well, they are school shoes.

They are not the cheapest shoes.

They may be pink, but they are going to get worn lots and lots of days in a row.

I was looking for brown shoes. Brown sandals. For school. You know, to wear with skirts and capris and stuff like that.

I didn't find brown shoes that I liked very much by jambu, which is easily my favorite brand of school shoes. They are so, so, so comfortable. (After 8 hours on my feet, my feet don't hurt, usually.) So I went with pink instead. I figure it is almost as useful, if not more. I mean, I can wear pink with browns and with blacks. I'm thinking I can wear it with everything except for red, right?

(Don't tell me otherwise. I'm going to do it anyway. Looking down at pink shoes makes me smile, and my kids are tough enough that pink shoes are worth the fashion disaster that I may or may not be.)

(And P.S. -- the people at Jambu have no idea who I am. I've just forked out the hard earned money for four different pairs of their shoes over the past couple years, and will most likely continue to do so in the future, unless they would like to send a few free pairs my way....I'm not holding my breath, though.)


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