Tuesday, April 12, 2011

it's almost spring break

And I am soooooooooooo ready for it.

I would love for it to have been this week -- I could have rested my foot, still sore from the run, and potentially broken (although I won't know until next Monday), I could have spent the days cleaning my house for the party this weekend, I could have done some sewing and made a pretty bunting, or I could have planted some veggies in pots in my backyard....

But instead, I'm having a wacky week at school.

Oh, kids, why?

Why did one of you decide to make sexually inappropriate gestures just before MAP testing?

Why did one of you decide to say threatening things after you got moved to silent lunch for putting food down the back of another kid's shirt and then get upset that you had to go to the office during math class?

Why did two of you get involved in an eight person fight at recess?

Really, kids? Four of you to the office in one day? Is this what I have to look forward to for the rest of the week?

Because if it is, I'm not interested.

Not interested in trying to start the soil experiments, not interested in you finally mastering multi-digit multiplication, not interested in taking you on a field trip this Friday.

I am interested in, however, a few things like this:
1. My foot to stop swelling in the soft spot below my ankle, on the top of my foot towards the outside.
2. Getting a math test made, copied, given and graded before the end of the day on Thursday.
3. The house getting cleaned and organized by Friday.
4. An epic grocery shopping trip in which nothing from the party food list gets left behind, although I imagine this will be impossible.
5. More people confirming attendance at my 30th birthday bash, happening on Saturday.
6. The cat not biting anyone else, especially while she's on quarantine from DHEC since she bit the roommate so hard it got infected.
7. The laundry magically jumping itself, clean, back into the closet.
8. Going on a run, but I can't, at least not until I'm not wearing the special "you might have broken your foot" shoe. Boo.
9. Having a non-eventful school day tomorrow. And by non-eventful, I mean not needing to send anyone to the office, not having to fight to get half a lesson into their heads, and not forgetting anything important throughout the day.
10. Surviving the next three days of school. After these three days, there are six weeks left until summer, and the promise of kids with fewer behavioral problems has me looking forward to next school year already.

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