Wednesday, April 27, 2011

it's only wednesday?


Why does the week after vacation seem to take so long to go by, when the week of vacation flies by so quickly?

My kids....have been ok. Not great. But not as bad as the beginning of the year. The one who throws things, hasn't thrown things yet (there is always tomorrow...). The one with the crazy mama....he's been bouncing off the walls. The super hyperactive kid....we think his medicine might have been changed, and not in a good way. My lowest kid who was trying hard before break....He's not trying at all now.

But some of the other kids are stepping up their game. My most socially awkward kid, she got a bucket-filler for helping another student all throughout PE class today. One of my high students was invited to teach some math lessons to the second graders. 5 kids admitted that they needed help with multiplication and mixed numbers, and then 5 other kids willingly paired up to help them figure it out.

There are 27 days of school left. I think I will survive.

But I am still counting.

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  1. I remember when I taught. This was the hardest run...the last months before summer break. They all just want to be out in the spring weather! Hang in there! Only 27 days left!